Sunday, April 10, 2011

Studded Hearts.

One of my favorite blogs - Studded Hearts posts fabulous editorials (often from magazines from past years), celebrity photos and things that are just plain cute. These are some of my favorite photos from my vast collection from this blog =)

Amy xx

1. Reading, which I have just started getting back into! So much better than movies!

2. Gorgeous Shakuhachi dress

3. Crazy Erin Wasson and her intriguing tattoos

4. Cool stars&stripes top!

5. love maps&travelling!!

6. Georgia May Jagger (or someone who looks really similar!) posing Brigitte Bardot-esque in front of La Tour Eiffel

7&8&9. Bambi for some fantastically shot campaign, the name of which has totally slipped my mind.

10. Hadyn Panettiere (sp?) and Katy at Disneyland! 11. Leighton Meester looking front-row-fabulous.

12. Love the crazy lighting and sequins!

13. I want this bra! (but something tells me the support would be minimal. .. .)

14. This photo reminds me of Tuscany, or somewhere European. Mmmmm sunshine.

15. Erin doing cartwheels!

16. Natalia working some mental heels in a shoot for one of the vogues (Germany?)

17. d_luxe campaign, of which I want pretty much every ring!

18. Cute beach scene.

19. Dream Chanel bathroom cabinet.

Love! Amy x

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