Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tous les choses français.

My love of all things french appears to be multiplied at the moment. Several reasons why.

1. Upcoming trip to Tahiti (here I take a moment to jump up and down and squeal like a sugar-hyped child), where I have just realized I am one of the only people on the trip who speaks a word of French. Oh dear, let's crack out the revision notes? Oui monsieur, en fait, je vais prendre un autre cocktail. Merci.

(yes, this is actually the place I'm staying!!!)

2. The gorgeous cafe Les Pyrenees up the road, where the charming french baristas gave me free coffee and attempted to converse in French. I was suitably embarrassed (and probably didn't deserve the coffee).

3. Today (according to ZM) is National Macaron Day, and even though I can find no supportive evidence on the internet, I am not one to pass up an opportunity to celebrate. Tragically, macarons did not make it into my busy schedule, but fear not, I am simply postponing celebrations.

4. I picked up two copies of French Vogue discounted the other day, and proceeded to remind myself how much French I have FORGOTTEN. Oh dear. What will happen when one day, I run into Emmanuelle or Carine on the street and I have nada to say? I suppose they speak English and will understand when I start babbling about how much I love them, but I digress.

Also, Natalia and Kate were on the covers. How was I supposed to pass that up??

5. I also picked up (book nerd) a copy of Le Petit Prince, in English. We studied it in French in 7th form, and I didn't understand it completely. Hopefully round two, when I'm not trying to translate every word and write essays dissecting it, it will be more enjoyable.

 A bientôt mes chéries, j'espère que vous avez un bon weekend. 
Si vous aves des examens, travaillez dur!
Amy xx

P.S. Forgot to mention - Lizzie's french baristas one-upped mine - hers bring her coffee to work! Got to get me some of those. . ..

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Calvin Klein always have fantastic ad campaigns, but this one has all my trademark loves - saturated color, bronzed skin and sex appeal. Reminds me of the Gucci SS 11 campaign crossed with the Ksubi video I posted awhile back. Has me dreaming of summer, as I wrap my alaskan One Teaspoon scarf tightly round my neck, and brave what feels like the icy Auckland wind. Oh how I don't envy the girls in Dunedin and Christchurch.

Amy xx

PS. Apologies for awful lack of posting - have actually been doing uni work. Exams next week, good luck to everyone studying hard!! x