Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daisies and Rainbow Falls.

Today's post is about a project that is very dear to my heart (that's such an old lady saying but so true here). My friends Georgia and Olivia have pooled their creative genius into a zine which is available in all kinds of cute stores around Auckland, and online.

It's a mishmash of music and film and culture, lists and activities, photos and poems. It's very very cool and epitomizes everything they (and I) love about summer.

Have a sneak peek below, and check out their blogs too.

Love and miss you both! A xx

Monday, February 25, 2013

Coolest Best Friends.

Mentioned in my last post for their modelling of the black/metal dresses in Burberry's Fall 2013, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevigne have been on everyone's radar for awhile, but they are EVERYWHERE this fashion week(s).

Karlie is 20 and hails from Chicago. She used to be a ballerina, and recently chopped all her hair off which is kind of cool, and takes balls when your income is based on how you look!

Cara is also 20 and British. She and her sisters are society girls in the UK (google Delevigne sisters at your own peril - that family is stunning), and she is actually 5"9, which is crazy because she looks like a midget next to Karlie!

These two always seem to be having a ball, as you do when you're 20 and making squillions of dollars and hanging out with fashion people. They also did a version of the Harlem Shake with Jourdan Dunn, which makes for very entertaining watching.

Point being, if I was going to have two model friends, I'd want these two. Not above looking like idiots, always pulling fun stunts backstage and generally out for a good time! Love it.

A xx

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Burberry is in love.

Have had lots of fun recently trawling through the collections for Fall 2013. Burberry are one of my favourites, with Christopher Bailey naming his collection 'Trench Kisses.' Too cute.

I didn't love the heavy use of rubber (hence why there's not much in these images), but it was okay when used sparingly, or in my favourite colour. Loved the animal prints but couldn't stand the kitten heels! There is no shoe LESS flattering than a kitten heel. Fine on models, not okay on mere mortals. 

The metal necklines on plain back dresses were very simple/futuristic, which I liked (and it didn't hurt that Karlie and Cara were the ones wearing them!).

Favourite looks below, enjoy!

A xx

PS. Found this gem on, explaining the name of the show! 
“Trench Kisses, A Collection of Classics and Christine Keeler.” Keeler was the attractively tousled early-sixties good-time girl who helped to topple Britain’s Conservative government of the time, following the revelation of her simultaneous liaisons with a cabinet minister, a drug dealer—and a Russian spy. “I liked the idea of this very established, classic heritage world meeting a sassy, sweet, sexy, subversive world,” Bailey explained backstage.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love Love Love.

Still recovering from the week that was Valentine's (and admiring my gorgeous flowers that have not shown the faintest sign of wilting - win!).

Here's some love (and/or lust) for you all to begin your week, I hope it's a good one!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ad Love: D&G SS13.

As promised, here is the final SS13 campaign from D&G!!!! (cue mega excitement).

Domenico actually shot the campaign, and Stefano styled it. Creative explosion!  

“It’s like when a movie director creates a movie. You start to look for a setting for the actors. We choose the music, the models. The last part is to shoot the -campaign—what we want to tell the audience." - Gabbana.

It's a gorgeous Sicilian dream, full of black lace, unstructured suits, kids and italian matriarchs, colour and stripes and crazy woven constructions.

If I won a million dollars, this campaign would make flights to Italy my first purchase.

A xx