Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 'in' colour.

Burgundy. Wine. Plum. Oxblood. Aubergine. Whatever you want to call it, dark red was deemed the colour of the season for AW12 (SS12-13 for our Southern Hemisphere).

It's really awkward being out of kilter with the North - we get some of the seasonal trends at the end of our winter, they trickle through summer and then by the next winter, when we are thoroughly exhausted of them, we get them all over again.

My love affair with burgundy began with a dotti jumper I purchased around June '12. It became my absolute favourite jumper, to the point where my friends were sick of seeing it. It was the beginning of a small love affair.

I don't mind partaking in trends. However when I evaluate my closet, it appears my love affair has turned into a wee obsession...
Dotti Jumper, RUBY Nail Polish, Topshop Boots (Actually Dash's, but I have them in brown), Trackpants, MAC Lipstick in Media, American Apparel Circle Scarf & AA Small Leather Purse.
To be fair, I have the boots in brown and the purse in fuschia, but I seriously considered both in burgundy.

Are you sick of seeing it yet?

To top it all off, one of my favourite stores at home is featuring the colour HEAVILY in their AW13 collection. Good job Moochi!

 A xxx

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