Friday, August 27, 2010


Trawling the magazine section of Borders with Lizzie yesterday made me want to buy every single september issue. Amy to Lizzie "Liz, lets just get like $200 and come and buy ALL of the September issues and this will keep us entertained for like the next few months." Problem with that is the purchasing/no money part. But the September issues have held true to form, and they all look incredible. I love that 'september' for the northern hemisphere is the precursor to winter fashion, and yet we get to look forward to summer! Also that the months have enough crossover that I can appreciate everything in the northern magazines, because it's still FREEZING and RAINING here.

Also, given that I am going to Europe for 7 weeks at the end of the year, Lizzie has forbidden me (quite rightly) from buying any summer clothes, and so I have every excuse to spend up big in the winter sales here (and then some when I go away)! Oh winter, I have such a love-hate relationship with you. Well, mostly hate. I'll give you a second chance in Europe - if you can charm me with your snow and kitschy christmasness, and show me how twentybajillion layers can look good, (and not make me sick!), I might forgive you your past misdemeanours. If not, I'm leaving you. I'll travel the world chasing summer for the rest of my life. mmmmmmMM.



Happy Days

I've never been a fan of rain. I think it's sad and depresso and I'm such a summer fiend. But today I don't mind it. I think I'm being possessed by some happy vibe. I just want to smile all the time. I'm like this happy shiny smiley thing wandering around uni. Well I would be, if I didn't feel like such a moron walking around with this dopey grin on my face. . . I love days like this. Where you're just really really happy, for no reason at all.

=) Amy

Saturday, August 21, 2010


"The road to hell is paved with good intentions. . . " Thanks Madonna.

So so true. especially when it comes to writing in my diary/journalling/collaging in my visual diary/blogging! I always mean to, and it falls by the way side.

This, coupled with my (and lizzie's) obsession with new stationary, means that I am contemplating purchasing two of these beautiful journals from

They're stunning and easy and would erase my excuses of not having enough time or enough headspace to record the day to day events of my sometimes-exciting-sometimes-boring life.

Lizzie, I'll take the yellow. What colour do you want?

Oh wait. I have no $$. Soon chickadee, soon. These are definitely my next purchase. Well these and new eyeshadow. I'm desperate =P.

Enjoy your weekends,

Amy xx

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm a fiend for making little notes on my iPhone when things come to me - a movie I want to see, a clothing ensemble that just works, an idea for a post, someone I need to catch up with, or the whimsical musings of my mind. I'll leave the pretty pictures up to the pro, and just share with you the best of the bizarre goings on of my lil head, and my favourite quotes that I save, for when I need cheering up. . .

"There are beautiful artistic movies that make us want more out of life. (For me, it's Vicky Cristina Barcelona, the Notebook. Dear John, Moulin Rouge, etc etc) Movies filled with such passion and intensity, that we get totally absorbed, and then tumble dizzily back into reality, wondering why the two dont match up. I love it. Love love love it. I'm addicted to the 'dream'."

"The continent of Europe is so wide, mein herr. Not only up and down, but side to side, mein herr. I couldn't ever cross it if I tried, mein herr. So I do . . . what I can . . . inch by inch . . . step by step . . . mile by mile . . . . Man by Man." - Liza Minelli.

"You can wish to be older, you can wish to be younger. You can dream and reminisce, and that's all fine and well, but you're here, now. Own that, before you take on the space/time continuum."

"Love is about danger, always. Love jumps off cliffs, love is irrational. It keeps you alive and it destroys you. The search for love provides nourishment for your soul. I'm afraid that as soon as you really find love, there won't be anything left to write songs about." - Lady Gaga.

"People call me an i-love-you whore, but the truth is, I love love. I love love too much to keep it to myself. So I tell everyone I love them, because love is too good not to share. love more. love harder. love love. Because if you don't have love, you don't have anything at all."

Have a fantastical day! Amy xx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pretty Things

Hi there, sorry this is a bit of a mess but I have discovered a bunch of appeeeeeealing things this week that I wanted to share. First off, I went down to Wellington for the weekend (I had THE best night out I've ever had on Saturday... plus there are pretty much no door charges down there, take note Auckland!) So here goes:

1 + 2. One of my friends bought this amazing kind of pale turquoisey nail polish - not sure what brand it is, but my fingers are telling me it's a brighter, greener version of Chanel Nouvelle Vague from their summer collection Les Pop-Up de Chanel (a slightly less expensive option would be Orly Gumdrop) Every time I look at my hands I feel like summer! (P.S. turquoise was announced as the colour of 2010 by Pantone so we must be onto something). Those other two shades pictured, Mistral and Riviera, have a similar effect on me. Is it sad that I'm already counting the days til Summer?

3 + 4. These super cool knitted rosary beads from La Dama - seen worn by Rumi (ooh la la), but seriously, very cute. But wait there's more, you can get them for free if you order something else from the La Dama site. Sweet deal!

5. I LOVE THIS RING. It's the 14pt Stag Ring from the ever-amazing Digby and Iona. Pretty impractical compared to the other things I need... (A pair of socks) but so beautiful.

6. Awkward Moment Cards from Design Glut - very cool site. These are perfect for the times when you manage to break every single piece of your family friend's great grandmother's dinner set, or hook up with your friend's boyfriend when you didn't actually know it was their boyfriend (not from personal experience, but I'm sure these things happen all the time).

7. Pretty Little Liars. Apart from my trip to Welly, this has been the highlight of my week. Based on the books by Sara Shepherd, it's got good-looking people, scandal, murder, lies and love stories - what more could you want in a show? My friend Sophia recommended it - I've watched up to episode ten online and now just waiting for the next addition to the series. Can't say it bears much resemblance to my junior year in high school, but I'm totally hooked, it's ridiculous.

8. Snoozer Loser New York A/W 2010-11. Just a sneak peek so far but I love all the prints and can't wait to see the rest of it!

Also, Hell's Unearthly Dessert Pizza... Why have I not had it before this weekend? We ended up eating two pizzas (dinner and dessert) between two of us on Sunday night. Omnomnom.

Until... the next time I post
Lizzie xx

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh God, The Glitter.

"There's a place I know, if you're looking for a show, where they go hard core, and there's GLITTER on the floor." - Ke$ha.

I swear, it's an addiction. Glitter, Sequins, Sparkles, I'm sold. That's what 12 years of dance concerts will do to a girl. My friends often wave their hands in despair at the things I purchase - like a pair of studded tights from supre, which I live in. Sparkles are like diamonds - not really neccessery, but they make life a whole lot more fun!

"Glitter is the Herpes of the art supplies closet." - being art students, Lizzie and I will testify this. God forbid one of us chooses to use glitter, because the rest of the art room are flicking it out of their paintings, pencil cases, hair, clothes and brushes for the next few weeks. Its infectious. And secretly (or not so secretly in my case), we love it.

Hope the rest of your weekend is full of all things sparkly.

Amy xx

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lady Love

I just can't get enough of our blog obviously so I'm back, while waiting for Home and Away. Yeah that's the trashy part of me manifesting itself. Aaaanway. The title pretty much says it all, I can happily say I would marry the shit out of this woman, as a friend so nicely put it. Yeah. I've had Teenage Dream in my head all day. So shoot me. Well don't. Because in reality, I'm planning on stalking down the young fellow in her video. Wow. (His name is Josh Kloss if you're interested. I am).

She previously admitted the sexy scenes were a challenge considering she's engaged to British funnyman Russell Brand... "I had to make out with a boy which was very traumatizing," she said. "I was kind of mean to him. I would be the one to call cut because I was like, 'Oh I cant do this!' I feel so horrible. But I know it's a job. We understand what our work is." (American Superstar)

Also, runner up for girl crush goes to the always lovely Kaya Scodelario (I have a feeling that Amy agrees on this).

P.S. Newsflash, if anyone's interested, Katy Perry has just stated that the cover for her new album, Teenage Dream, will be cotton candy scented. Interesting... Also, loving the moves of the girl on the far right of the picture. Reminds me of myself in town. Looking really cool as usual.

Lizzie xx


Love this picture, in the spirit of Amy and Lizzie's junk food mini-binge today, and then the browsing of workshop clothing much better suited to the walking coathangers of the catwalks. Thankyou Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang, for making wonderful clothes and reminding us that we need to go back to the gym. Except that Lizzie's never been to the gym.

P.S. we are being very loud in the Epsom library. Cue to go.

Lizzie and Amy xx

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Faceless Photos

Leaving out your face means it could be anyone. That girl, she becomes faceless. She's up for grabs. You feel like you could be her. that body, that's yours for the taking. these photos allow us an emotional connection that we can't otherwise have. You can step into the frame and that can be you. Who's to tell you otherwise?
Amy xx

Dressing Up

Girls don't dress for boys, they dress for themselves. If girls dressed for boys, they'd just walk around naked all the time.

P.S. Sasha Pivovarova will be on my favourites list for eternity. Cause she's cute. And speaking of Russians, my Russian Doll collection is actually coming along surprisingly well. I'll put up some drawings on the weekend. Also encouraging Pollok to go car camping with me on Friday night, we'll see how that goes. Then off to Wellington on Saturday! I cannot wait.

From Lizzie With Love xx

Waiting On The World To Change

It's August. August means the middle of winter has gone, and the days are getting longer. It means spring and summer collections. It should mean less coats and umbrellas (it doesn't, thanks Auckland) and it means icecreams and bare feet.

I have to admit, I'm a little afraid of getting to November and plunging headfirst back into the cold and dark of an English winter. I don't deal well with winter. I mean, one can argue that the fashion is great, but i'm a barefoot kind of person. Barefoot or heels, that is. I don't ski. I surf. I swim. I sunbathe! Winter doesn't hold much appeal. The wet is average. very average. So i am pleased to note that with the onset of the summer collections, i am looking up. Lizzie has forbidden me to buy, given that I'll be spending half my summer in the cold (how did I ever let that happen?) and so it's window shopping instead. My bank account will thank me later, I hope.

Amy xx

Monday, August 9, 2010

Long Time No See?

Hi blog sorry I've been neglecting you, I got caught up in birthday festivities and thinking about all my uni work (not to be mistaken for actually doing it). These are just a couple of shots from the filming of Miami Horror's new video featuring Kimbra, "I Look To You," from their album Illumination. My makeup at my 18th was not quite as out there as this, it's a little garish for everyday life but she's looking very pretty. Oh and thanks Amy for your pro fake eyelash glueing too. (Although for a minute there I thought she was going to stick my eyelids together). Anyway yes expect a lot more from me very soon... As anyone will tell you I always have a lot to talk about.

Lizzie xx

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Just a quick note to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful best friend Lizzie.
As far as I can tell, she had a good day, with much eating out, and a few really good sounding cocktails (very classy), finished off of course with a very trashy trip to maccas and home again.

This officially marks everyone in our year being big kids (Lizzie is the youngest) and also that I am back to being only one year older than you speedy, and not two (which makes me feel very very old).

So i hope that all your birthday wishes and dreams come true, and at some point you need to teach me how to put up pictures!!!! I have about a bajillion post ideas in my head - everything from books to flowers to pajamas and tv shows and of course lots of clothes!!

All in good time i hope. Like, as in, soon.

much love and many birthday wishes! Amy xx

PS Also a very happy birthday to AnnaKateFreck who is exactly one year older than Lizzie! Hope you had a wonderful birthday =)