Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lady Love

I just can't get enough of our blog obviously so I'm back, while waiting for Home and Away. Yeah that's the trashy part of me manifesting itself. Aaaanway. The title pretty much says it all, I can happily say I would marry the shit out of this woman, as a friend so nicely put it. Yeah. I've had Teenage Dream in my head all day. So shoot me. Well don't. Because in reality, I'm planning on stalking down the young fellow in her video. Wow. (His name is Josh Kloss if you're interested. I am).

She previously admitted the sexy scenes were a challenge considering she's engaged to British funnyman Russell Brand... "I had to make out with a boy which was very traumatizing," she said. "I was kind of mean to him. I would be the one to call cut because I was like, 'Oh I cant do this!' I feel so horrible. But I know it's a job. We understand what our work is." (American Superstar)

Also, runner up for girl crush goes to the always lovely Kaya Scodelario (I have a feeling that Amy agrees on this).

P.S. Newsflash, if anyone's interested, Katy Perry has just stated that the cover for her new album, Teenage Dream, will be cotton candy scented. Interesting... Also, loving the moves of the girl on the far right of the picture. Reminds me of myself in town. Looking really cool as usual.

Lizzie xx


  1. Okay Lizzie, if that's you, then I'll be the one in the middle. . . the hot one. The lady love one.

    P.S. I agree with all of the above. =)

  2. No no I already shotgunned Katy. Either to be or to stalk. Thanks love from Liz. X

  3. I am in love too. Love Elfie. X

  4. Haha oh Lizzie this post made my day. 100% agree to everything. I was just listening to Teenage Dream in the gym.. :)