Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We Are Handsome The Secret Garden and The Rose Garden Corset Bikini, Fleur of England Love Boudoir Bra, One Teaspoon Tiger Moth Trench. And a perfect summer body would be nice!

Listening To: AlunaGeorge, A Tribe Called Quest, The Sonics, Etta James, Coexist by the xx, Little Richard, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Dog is Dead and I like Ed Sheeran's album, + innit?
Eating at the Brick Bay Glass House in Snells Beach. Such a beautiful place and food and wine. We had such a nice afternoon in the sun by the vineyard, it really felt like summer. Been to Mexico in McKenzies Takapuna a few times too, the whole place is amazing!

Looking forward to: I'm flying to Wellington in a few weeks to see some friends. I'll probably only be there for a day and a night but it'll be lovely.

Watching: Suits and Puberty Blues, both so good! Suits is an American legal comedy/drama, really witty and just awesome - Amy and everyone I know agree. Puberty Blues is an Australian mini series based on the book, set in the 70s and full of awkward moments.

Wearing: Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, black chelsea boots, old jeans and white t-shirts. I bought the coolest black velvet embossed leotard last month, but it's gone missing... Ashleigh? Also been spending a bit of time and money in Millie Boutique on Hurstmere Road in Takapuna, there's always new stock arriving and the girl there is so lovely!

Quote of the month: More headline of the month really:

Hope life's going well for everyone! Love from Liz xx

Monday, September 17, 2012


Is this not the most fantastic row of people you have ever seen?


Happy Monday kids xx

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LustList Spring 2012

Trying to save, trying to save, trying to save. 

Creating collages of things I would buy if I wasn't saving. 

Good logic Amy.
Nike Frees - really want a pair of indoor gym shoes! From Platinum or Nike.

Comme des Garcons stripe tee - a little bit more interesting than your average breton. From Fabric (or online)

Acne Jumpers - bright bright colors perfect for summer! Have been living in my khaki and burgundy jumpers all winter. . . my friends are sick of seeing them. But not yet prepared to give up my jumper fetish!

Mason Martin Margiela biker boots - I wish. Totally irrational given that boots this height make me look like a stumpy dwarf, but whatever.

Comme des Garcons play perfume - now that I've smelled this, I can't appreciate any other perfume. From Fabric (or online).

Toms - would love a pair in white crochet or beige, laid-back shoes that give something back! From Sitka, in Newmarket.

Clinique Chubby Stick - I'm a sucker for products if I like the ads. Clinique has got me really interested.

Lululemon singlets - now that the sun is starting to come out, layers are being peeled back. Going to need some new running singlets - all my old ones should really be banned to no-human-contact workouts.

Comme des Garcons Play x Converse (lots of CdG on here today!) - Have actually bought these, but they're being held captive by my mother until I 'earn' them. Hrmph. From Fabric (or online).

Essie nail polish - managed to swing my marketing report to be about nail polish (score!) so after a week of writing about the brand, I'm feeling entitled to some primary market research. . . .

SD Victoria's Secret singlets - Have been accepted into San Diego State University for a semester next year, and am feeling like I need to be getting into the swing of California dressing, so I don't stick out as the crazy kiwi girl! Alternatively I'll just look like a tourist haha, and that's cool too. From VS Online.

Plain black COMFORTABLE platform heels - these have been on my lustlist how many times? Am starting an internship next week that will require formal dressing, and for someone who loves classic things, I have got to get my act together and purchase some fantastically boring black heels. From Novo perhaps? $90.

San Diego Aztecs cap - apparently supporting your university team is a big thing in San Diego. Hey, Aztecs is all good, it could have been some weird animal.

Hope your holidays are going well if you've got them!

Have an enchanting week

Amy xx

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ad Love: Dolce & Gabbana

So beautiful. So italian, so well thought out, so detailed, extravagant, emotional and so ornate. There aren't enough adjectives. One of my favourite F/W campaigns so far! If only we could all dress up like this and nobody would look at us strangely. . . .

More ad-like things to come. I'm interning at an ad agency at the moment, and loving it!!
Life is good.

A xx

Friday, September 7, 2012


So here's a concept I think is really neat. You pay $30 a month, like a subscription, and each month Stylemint (designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) bring out a whole range of clothes - mostly t-shirts, but some pants, dresses etc. And everything costs $30. So you purchase one thing each month. I think you can save your credit etc, and you can buy more than one thing if you want to spend more. Such a good idea!! Sad thing is, it only ships to the US. My bank balance is thanking its lucky stars.

Here would be my picks. . . what would be yours?

Arden Pullover & Blossom Tank

Maxwell T & Tribeca Pant

Madison T & Venice T

Harlow Tank & Phoenix Tee

Malibu T & Gypsy Kimono

Oh dear. It seems I have an obsession with stripes. Must be all this spring weather! (not.)

It rained this morning, on my way to my first day of interning. Not ideal. I had a long way to walk, and a very small umbrella. My boots looked like they had been 'ombre'd' or tie dyed or whatever.

But it means Summer is coming!!

Amy xx

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sister Act.

Liz and I have mad love for our sisters. In fact, it seems many of my friends have sisters. We love them lots, even when they drive us mad and steal our shoes. And clothes. And makeup.

Below is a spread from W magazine, who do the most amazing shoots in my opinion. Would also have liked to seen the other two Courtin-Clarins girls and the Olsens featured. Maybe a part 2 is required?

Virginie & Claire Courtin-Clarins
Cisely, Zoe & Mariel Saldana
Lori, Blake & Robyn Lively
Poppy & Cara Delevigne
Dakota & Elle Fanning

If you have a sister, tell her you love her! Sisters can be your greatest allies in life.
Here's to all the sisters!

Amy xx

PS you can check the article out here

Monday, September 3, 2012

Home sweet home.

I like rooms. They're kind of an extension of your personality. I wish I could have more rooms - so I don't have to study and sleep in the same place. It gives me bad vibes. Also I would love more space. I'm a minimalist, deprived of space. I love pictures, and knick knacks, and white, and things that come in sets. Maybe this will inspire you if you've got stuff lying around - chuck it all up on the same wall. It's awesome. 

If you're on holiday, I hope you enjoy.

Amy xx