Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sister Act.

Liz and I have mad love for our sisters. In fact, it seems many of my friends have sisters. We love them lots, even when they drive us mad and steal our shoes. And clothes. And makeup.

Below is a spread from W magazine, who do the most amazing shoots in my opinion. Would also have liked to seen the other two Courtin-Clarins girls and the Olsens featured. Maybe a part 2 is required?

Virginie & Claire Courtin-Clarins
Cisely, Zoe & Mariel Saldana
Lori, Blake & Robyn Lively
Poppy & Cara Delevigne
Dakota & Elle Fanning

If you have a sister, tell her you love her! Sisters can be your greatest allies in life.
Here's to all the sisters!

Amy xx

PS you can check the article out here

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