Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awesome people hanging out together 2.0

While not as awesome as part one, and really more seen together than hanging out (or filmed together, I don't discriminate), I thought these deserved some blog inches.

Vera in her appearance on Gossip Girl.

Two of my favorite fashion people. Marc and Carine.

L: Emma and Christopher Bailey (who designed that fantastic dress)
R: Dianna Agron and Michael Kors (who designed her dress)

The fantastic Willa Holland on Gossip Girl with Taylor Momsen (what is that girl up to these days?)

Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz and Natalia Vodianova. I still maintain this would be the best slumber party of all time.

Karl and Blake Lively, the latest Chanel darling.

Teen Queens - Miley, Taylor, Selena and Demi.

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in their heydey.

Diane Kruger and Poppy Delevigne.

Katy Perry and Hayden Panettiere.

Leighton Meester and Lucy Hale.

Lady Gaga and Lana Del Ray.

Amy xx

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The coolest graphics ever from parisvnyc.blogspot.com, by Vahram Muratyan. Really neat idea, maybe file that one away for design inspiration later on. . . . would make an interesting base for an ad campaign? Hmmmmm.

Enjoy, dream of travels!

Amy xx

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Upper East Side Art

This is badass. You can buy the art that is in the Van der Woodsen's house/apartment on Gossip Girl.
YES PLEASE!! Except that I already have too much art/cool stuff and not enough walls. Maybe should buy a house for the wall space. . . . .

Prada Marfa Sign by Elmgreen & Dragset, US $300 from Works on Whatever NY
Richard Phillips "Spectrum", US $250 from Works on Whatever NY

Love Amy and Lizzie xx

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Faile Puzzle Boxes

Art collective Faile have created these 88-piece wooden puzzle boxes which can be flipped and moved to create different images, as shown in the video above. If you don't know about them, they've been blurring cultural boundaries since 1999 with their graphic-urban-pop-art-super-hero-religious-action-comic-book aesthetic. You can see more at www.faile.net. They've documented a lot of their process; watching the Houston & Bowery Mural go up in New York City was really interesting.

Dimensions: 12in. x 20in. x 4in (30cm x 51cm x 10cm)

Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink on Custom, Hinged Wooden Box.

Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink on 88, Six-sided (2in x 2in) Wooden Cubes.

Signed COA by Faile 2010-2011.

P.S. Thanks for liking us on facebook! It makes us feel very loved. We appreciate it heaps, and we hope you continue to appreciate what we're doing here!

Love from Amy and Lizzie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Amy in April.


A: World Peace. Also blonde hair, except that I would look like a retard. Specifically, that perfect Ashley Olsen blonde hair.

A: (is for) Avocados. So cheap, and so yum. Avocados on toast, avocados in sandwiches, avocados straight from the skin with balsamic vinegar. . .

A: Soy Lattes from Craven 'A' on St Paul St. I've learned the hard way that if I leave the house before 7:30am, there's time for coffee, and my day begins beautifully. If I leave after 7:30am, there's not. Period.

A: Grey's Anatomy. Faithful through all 8 seasons (apart from a short adulterous period somewhere between seasons 4 and 5). Also the Secret Lives of Dancers on TV3 on Tuesdays. Brilliant.

A: Went to the ballet to see NYC, so so so good!

Living in:
A: New Jeffrey Campbell (I feel like such a sellout) Rumble boots. They ran out of my size in NZ, so of course then, because I couldn't have them, I absolutely needed them. If I had the money I would buy them in the carpet material too. . . weird but awesome.

A: Dinners with my friends, who have mostly all gone back to their respective universities (and in some case, overseas - Georgina!)

A: Textbooks. Lots of textbooks. About PR and Management and Communication. Other than that, re-reading A Year in Provence, and The Philosophy of Andy Warhol.

Struggling with:
A: The awkward freezing-in-the-morning but boiling-by-afternoon dynamic at the moment. Left the house this morning in jeans, a tee, cardigan and the world's biggest scarf. One teaspoon, 8 metres long, most fantastic purchase and going to get A LOT of wear. GMJ (SS) said it was size of 'small house'. Felt like an eskimo in a sea of underdressed beachgoers.

Traveling to:
A: Wellington this weekend!! For absolutely no reason other than to see my beautiful Wellington friends and have a nice weekend away!

Going Up:
A: Silo Park. They have a beautiful night market on a Friday, and do outdoor screenings of movies! Last week the projector broke, which was lame, but I'll be back for sure!

Going Down:
A: Having things to sew and no sewing machine. Liz, I'm looking at you sideways in a way that means 'Hey sexy, can I come over and hang out in your room and sew myself some mean clothes with your tuition? Thanks.'

Quote of the month:
A: "How are you feeling?"
     "There's probably a Taylor Swift song for that."

Amy xx