Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Look out for some awful jokes scattered throughout the post this month. Love from Liz.


L: This bikini, or something like it. I've had many problems with bikinis in the past cause the majority are just so unflattering up top. Amy told me I looked like a D-grade porn star last time I tried one. Not quite what I was going for. I've tried on a few like this though and they're amazing. I might opt for a shorter bra-cut & hipster set though. While we're on the topic of wanting, I also want to get out of the city. Even though I only came back 2 weeks ago.
A: More sleep. But, second to that is the country road striped scarf that has the brightest red, blue and green in it. What I really want to base my whole summer wardrobe around.

2Chillies Creme Brulee Bikini, Top RRP $59.95 AUD and Bottom RRP $59.95 AUD

Country Road Multi Stripe Scarf,  $64.90 NZD

L: Eggs Benedict, Friday mornings. I tried going vegan for a week and gave up just because I wanted it. I don't even like eggs that much, it's mostly the hollandaise sauce that does it for me. Oooh yeahhh butter!

I've been getting mine from Manuka in Devonport, just cause it's nearby. It looks better than this. Strangely there are potatoes on it, so I can never quite finish, which always makes me feel like terrible person. I think it's $16.90 if you care.

L: If you're still hungry, go get yourself a Tasty Pot Co. lunch. The quinoa and beetroot salad is so good, and most of them are gluten free.
A: Oh my goodness I second that these things are RIDICULOUSLY good.

Tasty Pot meals, $7.49... Supermarket?
A: Veggie Soup. Just mash up pumpkin and. . . I don't even know what else goes into my mother's specialty, but it tastes gooooooood.

Drinking (no, Healtheries is not sponsoring us!):
L: Feijoa tea. I'm obsessed. A lot of coffee too cause it acts as my comfort blanket/vice. And recently I picked up 50s of Healtheries Green Tea with Mandarin and Lime Flowers, which is delicious. As the weather heats up I'm so looking forward to Pear Cider afternoons.
A: All herbal tea! Mainly lemon and ginger. Tea consumption rises for me, parallel to workload and stress levels. Right now, both very high.
L: I'm not high Amy, I think it's just you... badoom pish.

L: Navy Veronika Maine silk top, it's just right for this weather. My sister told me off for wearing jandals and Karen Walker to the supermarket. I felt it was a good combo, but I guess not. I also stole an H&M dress off Amy which I love and plan on holding onto for as long as possible. It's not like I ever see her wearing it anyway.

A: That's where my dress is!!! Can't be wearing it when you are can I? Wearing my two incredible dotti jumpers - one khaki and one burgundy. They have been my winter-spring lifesavers. $60 each and falling apart, I wear them probably 4 out of 7 days of the week. Not together of course. (although I might try that sometime. . .)
Also wearing the one teaspoon cream knit I bought in Sydney. Oh no, rereading this proves that I am in fact turning into a slouchy knit wearing slob. Oops. Oh well, sooner or later it's going to be too hot for jumpers (YAY!) and I will put my slovenly ways behind me.

Listening to:
L: Instead of reading about the period when I genuinely believed I was Tupac reincarnated as a 13 year old girl (I'll save that story for another day), you should all listen to this. The Vivian Girls offer sage advice: everyone should just chill. Actually, showing up at a guy's house seems to work for me. But hey, I'm the exception to the rule. Cause I'm extra good looking.

Angus and Julia (study music), Skrillex, Lady Gaga, and the Gossip Girl soundtrack. Because I like a bit of everything. Also the footloose soundtrack! Never knew country could be so much fun.

Looking forward to:
L: Sevens! Sorted our tickets earlier this month (thanks Amy!) and can't wait. February is a while away but Wellington will probably be the best road trip ever.

A: Warm weather, finishing uni and getting a tan that doesn't go patchy on my feet and stink out my bathroom. Although if you (like me) are forced to resort to the bottle, Sugarbaby is the way to go!

L: Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence. No, it's not about lesbians, but it was pretty risque for the 1920s. Gudrun and Ursula, you little minxes. It's getting a bit too sexy for me. Then again, most things are a bit too sexy for me. There's actually a lot of thought provoking discussion (why do I always sound like such a twat?) and I recommend it, so far.

A: Penguin classics, which I've started collecting (original I know). So far Breakfast at Tiffany's and A Year in Provence are my favorites. Wuthering Heights was the hardest - it's not a good love story its about a stupid girl who falls in love with an arrogant jackass! Sorry for the spoiler.

L: This weekend, cause I'm a nerd, I sat down at the dining room table and found myself watching every video Charlie McDonnell has ever made. His face is so cute like. I might just start vlogging here instead of writing. Maybe then I'd sound cooler?

A: Old dance movies. Step Up (1, 2, 3), Centerstage (1, 2) etc. Trying to get inspired for choreographing my hip hop class's end of year dance. So far, so good.
(also the new footloose movie. I'm a little bit obsessed. Liz, if I try and purchase red cowboy boots, confiscate my card.)

L: With why there isn't a key on my keyboard with the 'therefore' sign on it. You know, the one with three dots that you use in math? I find myself needing one all the time. Also haven't gotten around to making my bed in like a week. Typical. Domestic chores are a struggle - look out guys, I'm a catch! No seriously, I am.

A: To get up and train in the mornings. Half marathon is less than two weeks away, and at this rate I'll be lucky to make it over the line, let alone in under 2 hours.

L: I just went for another Dunedin trip. It was so nice to see everyone, although probably not ideal timing as they were all trying to study, but Grabaseat told me to. Did lots of exploring this time, we made it to Signal Hill, Baldwin Street (only stopped once on the way up!), St Kilda, Port Chalmers and Aramoana. Doing well! Gina says I'll probably have to go back for O Week to tackle more sightseeing though. Damn.

A: Sydney! Sydney Sydney Sydney! New favorite city. EVEN THOUGH it poured with rain while I was there, the people are just so well dressed and my Sydney friends are so very lovely. Can't wait to get back and see the city in the SUNSHINE.

(took this on one of my early runs, back in July, when it was not pouring with rain).

Going Up:
L: Honesty. Lying is pretty much behind all the problems in the world. Then there's war, but that's a whole other kettle of fish. But probably caused by dishonesty somewhere down the track anyway. That's something you should know about me: I'm all about honesty these days, so I get myself into awkward situations where everyone judges me when I tell them I've been listening to my old Avril Lavigne album... That was just an example, I definitely don't listen to that. (yes, yes she does).

A: Fantastic nights out. RWC 2011 you were such fun. And even though I only actually made it to town on the night of the final, that just about made up for the rest of it. I also don't like to be judged, for on the last couple of nights out, my friends and I have got our dance on in CODE. That's right, amongst all the underage crazykids. Don't knock it till you've tried it. We're not above a good old fashioned rave. It's not called TRASHYclassy for nothing.

Going Down:
L: Pretentious people. At least I only ever sound like an idiot unintentionally, imagine if it was an actual life choice! Also self-righteous, intolerant people. Maybe if they all thought more like me and didn't listen to anyone else and mulled it over with a glass of 1927 vintage port...
Ho ho. I told you the jokes would only get better.
Amy didn't understand that. . .

A: Studying. It's not the studying that's hard, its the crippling lack of motivation for balance sheets, annuities, linear regression and all things utterly useless outside of this exam tomorrow. That's right, tomorrow. Consider this my studyprocrastination.

Quote of the Month:
L: One of my favourite friends' review on an intimate moment: "It was quite a good pash despite the crackers"

A: Two favorites: "Amy, for there to be studyprocrastination, there has to actually be STUDY." Touche, touche.
Also, from my friend Emma and I stealing strawberries over the bar in Sydney, the kiwi (thank goodness) bartender chose to bond with us over his Wanaka roots then berate us for our (Emma's) theft. "You steal my strawberries, and then you ask for TAP WATER?!". Oops.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Alexander Wang Spring 2012


Not quite what I expected from Alexander Wang, but a great collection. I read somewhere that he's trying to move on from his "model off duty" days, and it seems like he's doing just that with this collection, which seems a bit more playful and innovative than previous seasons. Nice work. Expanding his horizons etc. (Me too - you should see my Recently Added on iTunes). And just when I thought I couldn't bear to see any more florals, Wang changed my mind with those black and blue prints. He's stuck with his signature tough edge though. I love that he designs for strong women. Which we all are - especially me, has anyone seen how much I've been hitting the gym lately? Well, actually not much at all.  Fitness is best left to Amy.
Gonna go find some pizza or something. Summer list to trump Pol's coming up soon. Boom.

Liz xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011



Favorite Black&White photos, and photos of cool black things. In support of the mighty All Blacks in the hope that we can finally win the World Cup tonight!!!

Amy&Lizzie xx

(for all our international readers who have no idea what we're on about, rugby is kind of a national religion down here in New Zealand, and even though we have the best team in the world, we never seem to be able to win the Rugby World Cup. Tonight we're in the final against France, and if we play as well as we have been playing so far, it's going to be a HUGE night. Oh, and our team is called the All Blacks, hence the black post.)