Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big Day Out 2011


Lupe Fiasco

The Bloody Beetroots



Crystal Castles
I. Am. So. Excited. Tickets on sale Friday 8th October! Click

Calling All Valentines

I need one so I can buy this and get our initials engraved. I keep meaning to comment on this ring. Rather cute, Digby & Iona

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twenty-Seven Names - The Campaign

Back again because I loved it so much. Twenty-Seven Names have released their A/W 11 "The Fearsome Five" campaign shots veeery quickly which I appreciate. I love the middle photo because it has all my favourites in it. Cute school-girly models, did anyone else find it strange that everyone's got the same straight hair except one? Anyway it's cute. Maybe I'm dreaming but I'm pretty sure everyone on Full House had that hair style at one point... Photos by Guy Coombes

Saturday, September 25, 2010


So the reason I fell in love with the label was because the only things that saved SATC2 for me, were the beautifully coloured, SIMPLE dresses that Carrie wore - ironically the majority by the same label. Flicking through their runway photos from NYFW, I can safely say that bright colours and slightly unusual shapes are their strong points - loving the bright orange! Don't know if it would be wearable though. . . beware of fake tan and orange together! x

Twenty-Seven Names: The Fearsome Five

"It was 1996, we'd just started high school and there were all these different groups of girls all over the place... We were remembering how badly we used to dress but we wanted to try to do all those clothes again." - Anjali Stewart, Twenty Seven Names

So I couldn't actually bring myself to cut these photos down anymore... how sad am I. I know I'm always talking about how I love this and that, but this is sosocool. Plus those 90s references give me the warm nostalgic fuzzies. It's like an amazing 2010 version of all the good things about all the bad clothes people used to wear. The 90s were ugly beautiful which is almost like TrashyClassy. Because it's an oxymoron. See, I learned things in high school!

Oh and I love the cape. Some of my absolute favourites are the white dress with blue print [8] (the sheer and the collar and the bow such a good combo) and that patterned velvet dress [3] (the girl looks so feral-beautiful - that's a good thing!... beautiferal? I'll stop now.) Also [4] is ridiculously cool, especially up close, so...

As seems to be the trend on el bloggo this week, backstage photos! (You'll hopefully see what I mean about beautiful girl in print velvet dress) I also really like the hair. I perhaps need to sort my own out. Photos from the Good As Gold Blog

Friday, September 24, 2010

South Beach After Dark, 70s disco and Xanadu at House of Holland

I just thought I'd show this to you because it's colourful and makes me quite happy.

It's like primary school production meets a runway show, and somehow it just works. I hadn't really heard much about Henry Holland since all those slogan tees that everyone loved, copied and got sick of. A few of the pieces actually reminded me of Romance Was Born's Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells collection back in... whenever that was. Hmm what quality blogging that was right there. Some things I loved, some things I really didn't. Plus stars are my favourite shape (yes I have a favourite shape at eighteen), and I look good in purple and green (preferably not at the same time), so big ups to Mr Holland for that. I love that pale blue blouse with the pleated sleeves more than words can describe. Pleats make me happy. And the prints are just amazing. I've only posted what I did like, so if you want to have a look at the whole presentation's worth, click here.


Ever wondered what models get up to backstage? No, it's not primping, preening, changing clothes or chatting with designers. They just make out.
No, but seriously I just saw this photograph on Thread's facebook page from the actual show and loved it for no apparent reason - this happens a lot with me.

P.S. beautiful clothes, I loved NOM*D. Post soon... A bit too tired now as I just finished a pair of black and gold shorts for uni. I'm actually really proud for once and I think they're beautiful!

Lizzie xx

P.S. Lizzie, I can't tell if they're guys or girls or one of each. What is with all this homogenization of people! No that's not the right word. . . if you were here you would know what I'm thinking. Not bisexual.. . androgynous! (sp?). But also I love. Amy xx

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Juliette Hogan: The Morning After The Night Before

Juliette Hogan's A/W 2011 collection was sweet and feminine with a hint of darkness. It was a bit 60s which made me like it even more. I love most pieces in this collection, although I wasn't a fan of the navy and white polka dot prints (despite owning a number of navy and white polka-dotted items). It wasn't a particularly radical, out-there collection but it was pretty and classic, which I like. The look was feminine without being frou-frou - very minimalist in terms of colour pallette but with girly additions such as the pussy bow blouses (possibly my favourite pieces, especially the dark long-sleeved one), light pink ruffles and sheer fabrics, and the leather was a refreshing contrast. I'm writing this as though I actually know what I'm talking about... HA! Anyway main thing is it's cute, I'd wear it, I want it. Video here, just the finale so you can see every look and make up your own mind, and some backstage photos (thanks Rag Pony, hope you don't mind me stealing!)


They might be in fashion now (See FQ page below, which I love the layout of btw), but if you ever see me in a pair of clogs, shoot me. They make you look like you have chunky legs, and the sound is awful.

Then again, I wasn't going to buy into platform boots either. .. .

Or lesbien boots. Lizzie post a picture please, so all those not down with our terminology know what I mean. Although, classy ones like Ashleigh's are okay (also post a picture please), but other than that, lesbien boots = not okay. Is it it lesbien or lesbian? Also Lizzie, is this offensive terminology for the blog? I don't think so. . . But then again I have no mind-mouth filter. Oops.

My apologies to all the lebien/bians out there. =P.

Amy (the one who rants aimlessly) xx

Fashion Weeks!

True to form, I am running late with everything. . . so with New York and London Fashion Weeks running so close together, I haven't really given them a second thought until now. After spending a good chunk of time poring over style.com's photo galleries (also the nytimes does really good photos, fast loading, but you can't save them) I have selected my first couple of favourites (pretty sure Topshop is from the London show and Sass&Bide is from NY).

Topshop Unique

I have to confess, my hopes were not high - how could a chain store (admittedly a high end one) adapt to a show? But, as usual, Topshop did not disappoint. Although not a fan of the slit in the first dress, I love the weirdo neckline, and looking at these pictures, I seem to have become a little obsessed with prints (topshop, shakuhachi, are we seeing a pattern here?). Kind of a strange colour scheme, but I think it works! Also loving the insane hair. Apparantly, drapey and outrageous is the way to go. Love it. Could have been a boring train wreck, and in this case, the insane was definitely the way to go! Looking forward to getting my hands on some of this stuff in November!

Although their jeans never fail me, their dresses etc tend to be a little odd for my liking. See neckpieces above. But, the awesome prints on the two dresses, and the grey-ish print on the pants - love! Especially those shorts. And the shoes. And the legs to go with them. . . please? Cute grey tee too. AND although the feathers on the peach dress are a tad OTT (it is a catwalk after all), I would love to see more of that colour. And matching shoes. Ah S&B, if only my wallet was a little more accommodating. . . .
So far so good. Seriously inspired to make Lizzie teach me how to sew. . . in all that free time that I have.
Enjoy NZFW - will be posting sometime soon on the best of the best, but until then, my lovely friend Amber and her Lizzie-equivalent Hilary are doing regular and comprehensive show postings - I'll be stealing all their photos! If you can't wait for my oh so intellectual and witty commentary, check them out http://amberandhilary.blogspot.com/
Amy xx
PS Have finally worked out how to do my own photos! Hooray for independence! xx

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jen Kao S/S 2011

NY Fashion Week started last Thursday and I am going to have a lot to say, but I'll start here. I never really took notice of Jen Kao until her Fall 2010 show with those amazing knit pieces (here). This collection is a lot more romantic than the edgier one last season. I'm loving the earthy/neutral colour palette and blues (see below)... It kind of makes me wish that our hemispheres didn't clash and my bank account wasn't empty - I spent all my money on flights to Wellington AGAIN for this weekend. But will so be worth it. I have a lot of baking to do to pay for my stay though. I especially love the little leather panelled dress on Bambi [5]. Here are some backstage photos from Gypsy Rose (Amy's going to kill me for putting huge pictures up again):


This is kind of one half of a shoot for V magazine called Uptown & Down, featuring two of my favourites, Freja Beha Erichsen and Anna Selezneva, and photographed by the amazing Mario Testino. I am in love with the last shot. It's pretty much TrashyClassy on camera, only I much preferred the trashy part. Have a look at the whole thing (classy included) here.