Wednesday, September 22, 2010


They might be in fashion now (See FQ page below, which I love the layout of btw), but if you ever see me in a pair of clogs, shoot me. They make you look like you have chunky legs, and the sound is awful.

Then again, I wasn't going to buy into platform boots either. .. .

Or lesbien boots. Lizzie post a picture please, so all those not down with our terminology know what I mean. Although, classy ones like Ashleigh's are okay (also post a picture please), but other than that, lesbien boots = not okay. Is it it lesbien or lesbian? Also Lizzie, is this offensive terminology for the blog? I don't think so. . . But then again I have no mind-mouth filter. Oops.

My apologies to all the lebien/bians out there. =P.

Amy (the one who rants aimlessly) xx

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  1. Turns out it's Lesbian. Lesbien is the French for it, which would figure, because we were talking about it in French the other day. . .