Friday, September 24, 2010


Ever wondered what models get up to backstage? No, it's not primping, preening, changing clothes or chatting with designers. They just make out.
No, but seriously I just saw this photograph on Thread's facebook page from the actual show and loved it for no apparent reason - this happens a lot with me.

P.S. beautiful clothes, I loved NOM*D. Post soon... A bit too tired now as I just finished a pair of black and gold shorts for uni. I'm actually really proud for once and I think they're beautiful!

Lizzie xx

P.S. Lizzie, I can't tell if they're guys or girls or one of each. What is with all this homogenization of people! No that's not the right word. . . if you were here you would know what I'm thinking. Not bisexual.. . androgynous! (sp?). But also I love. Amy xx

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