Wednesday, September 8, 2010

'Dishevelled' Is Not My Calling.

I have come to realize that in fact, it is not my calling in life to look like Kate Moss. (probably could have worked that out a little sooner, I know). But in all seriousness, I am incapable of doing this messy-chic business. I just look like a whore. I am now, and shall ever be, a fan of the perfect ponytail. Audrey Hepburn and Quinn Fabray are wonderful examples. Being at all girls schools all my life, and having a mother who insisted that I couldn't go to school without a bow in my hair until I was about 13, have drilled into me the value of a clean, tidy ponytail. With a ribbon.

And so I have embraced this, and rarely you will see me without some sort of bow in my hair. I like it. I think it makes you look a little more presentable. I may flirt with the high, messy bun, the crazy curls, the fringed/straightened 'do', but I will always come back to the humble ponytail. It's a staple for a reason, girls.

Amy xx

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