Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sins of Style

We've had a few requests for some more man-content, so that the boys who read out blog don't feel left out and/or girly. We're only too happy to oblige you men, enjoy.
(Although I feel like there are exceptions to this rule? No?)

For further entertainment, check out the individualism site.

Lizzie xx

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nail it.

I'm no nail fanatic, nor am I a polish snob (I'll take anything that doesn't chip within 48 hours thank you), but I do have some tried and tested favorites. No way am I organized enough to take my own photos, but I have managed to find my most-used polishes. In case you're in need of some nail inspiration, although compared to the myriad of crazy crazy (often TRASHY) nail blogs out there, this is very boring. Sorry, will try harder next time. Maybe some studded leggings and leopard undies?

Butter London, Yummy Mummy
Orly, Cherry Bomb
O.P.I, Mod About You
O.P.I, Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

RUBY, Smurf (sorry couldn't find a good picture!)

Do you have a favourite brand or color?

Amy x

Coco Draws.

Cute as a button prints and illustrations from a girl named Caroline Wang, in California. She draws all kind of very french, very un-californian bits and pieces, which of course I love. Her blog is here.

I want them all? I like to think I could just draw my own, but it's one of those things one aspires to do and never gets around to. . . .

Amy x