Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Search for the Perfect Lipstick.

I now wonder (with the entering of my twenties, which I am clearly overdwelling on and obsessed with), at what age lipstick becomes preferable to lipgloss. Also I wish it were appropriate to dress up every day, and paint a face full of glorious MAC whenever I feel like it.

But seriously. I don't know what to do about lipstick. Part of me feels like its the ideal quick fix, part of me feels like my mother. Part of me feels like a vamp. I associate lipstick with stage makeup and dance shows. Maybe I'll ease into it with time.. .

Additionally, a friend of mine ROCKED black lipstick the other day. Well, the other night. It was unbelievable. She looked so cool, and not goth at all. Waaaayyy too scary for me though.

Anyhow, I digress. Last year, I drafted a post on the search for the Perfect Lipstick. You know, the one you can wear to dinner or out with friends, or even around the house, or to a wedding, and it's really 'you'. And friends ask you where you got it, and you can tell them, because you know it's never going to look as good on them as it does on you.

Inspired by my friend Ashleigh, who was rocking red lipstick when we were out for dinner, I decided to go on a hunt for the perfect red lipstick. Being a dancer, I am painfully used to slathering on a deep red for a week straight in November, for the annual crazy known as 'the dance concert.' But being under stage lights and in costume and with a barrier of a few metres between you and the audience, its very different to carrying on a conversation with someone in broad daylight, and I knew stage lipstick wasn't going to do.

I duly went to MAC (as you do) with a voucher, and informed the lovely sales girl that I would like to buy a lipstick. A red lipstick. And given that I had already inspected the dizzying lineup of red options, I would definitely be requiring her help.

Long story short, the two MAC favorites, Russian Red and Ruby Woo, both look awful on me. I look like a drag queen, they clash with my skin and are so thick I feel like I'm going to snap the tube trying to put it on.

But Ladybug, a much more reserved (and lighter, more translucentish) red was perfect. I even did the responsible thing of going home and thinking about it for 24 hours, before running back the next day to purchase. And I got the last one in the shop. It was fate!

Morals of the story: There is probably a red lipstick out there that makes you feel like a rockstar. Shop around (I had a MAC voucher, hence the trip to Smith & Caughey's), and ask the salesgirls to help. It's their job, and they know their stuff. Then purchase it, put it on, and walk down the street feeling a million dollars. Just check your teeth first.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Favorite new word.

Favorite new word, inspiring all my travel planning for 2012, 2013 and 2014! I'm not always the greatest planner, except when it comes to traveling. I can plan extremely well if it involves getting to go somewhere new!

Where are you planning on going soon? Or where would you go if you could? I'm banking on Tahiti and hopefully Hong Kong this year, and (fingers crossed) California next year! This is why I never have any money, too busy saving for my (currently hypothetical) exotic travels. Well worth it I say.

Amy xx

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome to TwentyTwelve!

We're Back!

Our apologies for the very unannounced summer hiatus we were on. . . what with exams (Amy) and work (Lizzie) and general summer laziness, I feel like the blog is a neglected child. But never fear, being a more responsible parent to the blog is built into my new years resolutions for sure.

So the weather has been less than desirable (can't believe I'm blogging about the weather on our very (un)serious fashion blog), but yet none of my brilliant summer projects were started, let alone completed! Here are the things I aspired to do in all the free time I didn't end up happening. Maybe they'll get completed someday. . .

1. Take the opportunity of summer to paint my nails all kinds of crazy experimental ways. Just for shits and giggles, and to see whether any of these styles actually look not-ridiculous in real life.

2. Get superfit. Although I did go on a few runs and bike rides and have been back at the gym, my Kourtney Kardashian-esque physique has yet to appear. . .

3. Catch up on Gossip Girl. My brother and I both adore this show, but I stopped watching about the middle of last season, and never got up to date! This project I am part way through, so I guess you could say its a work in progress. PS I love the ad campaign for this from last season. Shame critics, you're only doing promo for the show!

4. Stay flexible, and stretch every day, so the 14 year olds I teach don't sass me come February. Epic fail.

5. Make good use of the pool we have at home. I guess this was excusable given that I spent a whole lot of time at the beach, but I feel super guilty having a pool that never gets used!

6. Learn to make macarons. Not just so I can finally compete with my sister in the kitchen (she is a goddess of all things baking. And she's 14.), but also so I have something more exciting to contribute to picnics and afternoon teas than cookies. And because they're yum!

7. Find a reasonable excuse to wear glitter as lipstick. Anyone want to invite me to a crazy fashion party? 

Also I desperately need to dedicate some time and resources to project SEE LIZZIE. This has been a total disaster but I will fix it soon!

Hope all your summers were sunnier than ours, and good luck to anyone heading back to school soon!

Lots of love (and sunshine),

Amy (and Lizzie!).