Monday, October 4, 2010

I Love Rings: The Great Discussion.

Lizzie: I plan on wearing at least one ring on each finger some night. and getting very dressed up.

Amy: I will not. I like rings, but I have an irrational fear of ring overkill.

Lizzie: Well I do not. Is this similar to your irrational fear of crazy nail polish?

Amy: No. I have now conquered that fear due to the cute purple I bought with you and stealing Emma's mint green over the weekend. Nutcase coloured polish = awesome.

Lizzie: Bueno. You are a nutcase and I look forward to seeing this. Buy many colours and I shall borrow them all.

Amy: Bueno. xx


  1. have totally gotten over this ring overkill fear. I'm now the queen of ring overkill. watch out - if i punch you in the face it's like i'm wearing knuckledusters. now that's badass.

  2. Hope you're still into ring overkill.