Saturday, September 4, 2010

This Week


I chowed down on A LOT of wedges all last week... omnomnom.
Also had an awesome dinner at my favourite place in the world, Thai Me Up. As well as the food being so good, cute little heart and flower shaped rice cakes just make me ridiculously happy.
Okay well I just realised I have far too many things to rave about in terms of food because my sister and I made a huge three course dinner for Father's Day with Vietnamese vege rice paper rolls (I was so scared for the rice paper's life in my hands - but the rolls made good friends with the sweet dipping sauce that Zandi made), peanut noodles with bok choi and peppers and lime and blue peas and coriander and lots of chilli and roasted peanuts, and papaya and lychees and pineapple and mango with lime and ginger syrup for dessert. Such a good meal if I'm allowed to say that.

Stone's Green Ginger Wine. Yes it sounds gross but it is SO good. Well priced too at about 15 dollars. We made these drinks to go with dinner last night - I think ours were about 2 parts ginger wine, 1 part tonic, mint leaves and cucumber. Should have put lime juice in too really, kind of like a ginger mojito... but not. I will definitely be drinking this again! Such a good all-year-round drink actually. And pretty sure it could be justified as a healthy drink to cure a cold...

Listening to:

Girl In A Coma - No, not like Girlfriend in a Coma. But still really good. Plus, Wikipedia does tell me that a few years back, Girl In a Coma were called by Morrisey to open for the rest of his tour after Kristeen Young was fired, which I'm guessing is how they got their name. That would be a more-than-awesome job, which I would sooo take if I had any musical talent. Haven't gotten around to listening to all of their music, but I heard the song above, Their Cell, and kind of adore it a little bit. Also, the band is signed with Blackheart Records (Joan Jett's label). So I think we can conclude that they are pretty Badass. Capital B.
Maybe I should marry Katy Perry and start a MexicanCalifornianLesbianPunkGirlBand... Your thoughts?
However I think this might limit my chances with the gentlemen.
Little Red - I've also had the song Rock It in my head all week. It is very catchy and it makes me pretty happy. P.s. Also now we speak of catchy songs, I am still enjoying Mark Ronson & the Business Intl. And Motocade. And actually a lot of music. Moving on...


My MAC Prep + Prime skin primer. I left it at a friends place and am yearning for its soft touch... hahahaha (is it okay to say haha in a blog? Seems unprofessional but it's our blog so whatever). I haven't even had it for that long but now I cannot live without it. It seriously prepares your skin like a canvas and is a prerequisite to foundation-ing. Your makeup can't really go too wrong once you've used it. If you don't have it, buy it. Unless you're a boy. Cause you probably don't need it. But to reiterate my point... So. Necessary. P.S. I've always wondered what would happen if I put it on my lips, cause it tells you not to. Curiosity will most definitely kill the Lizzie eventually. Also if you know me at all you will probably know I love my Strobe Liquid Lotion which is actually looking like it might finish soon... I think I am going to cry. But not really because I am not that superficial.

Visual Appreciation:

Diego Diaz - Lazy Lounge says Diego Diaz's fashion photography is classic escapism. Plenty of his images are exactly what plenty of people want from their fashion editorials – tanned beauties, beautiful clothes, ritzy hotels, perfect beaches and saturated colour. So dreamy, it's perfect for those of us still waiting on summer.

And it's so true. It makes me want hot hot summer quite badly. Which is something I mention in every post and have now realised I should stop talking about. Especially when Amy is reading this and will be feeling sad that she will come back pasty from England in January. Pale is something that does not bother me in Winter though. I love it.

Sorry that this was so long! You might be able to tell I felt like sharing.
Lizzie xx

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