Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fashion Weeks!

True to form, I am running late with everything. . . so with New York and London Fashion Weeks running so close together, I haven't really given them a second thought until now. After spending a good chunk of time poring over's photo galleries (also the nytimes does really good photos, fast loading, but you can't save them) I have selected my first couple of favourites (pretty sure Topshop is from the London show and Sass&Bide is from NY).

Topshop Unique

I have to confess, my hopes were not high - how could a chain store (admittedly a high end one) adapt to a show? But, as usual, Topshop did not disappoint. Although not a fan of the slit in the first dress, I love the weirdo neckline, and looking at these pictures, I seem to have become a little obsessed with prints (topshop, shakuhachi, are we seeing a pattern here?). Kind of a strange colour scheme, but I think it works! Also loving the insane hair. Apparantly, drapey and outrageous is the way to go. Love it. Could have been a boring train wreck, and in this case, the insane was definitely the way to go! Looking forward to getting my hands on some of this stuff in November!

Although their jeans never fail me, their dresses etc tend to be a little odd for my liking. See neckpieces above. But, the awesome prints on the two dresses, and the grey-ish print on the pants - love! Especially those shorts. And the shoes. And the legs to go with them. . . please? Cute grey tee too. AND although the feathers on the peach dress are a tad OTT (it is a catwalk after all), I would love to see more of that colour. And matching shoes. Ah S&B, if only my wallet was a little more accommodating. . . .
So far so good. Seriously inspired to make Lizzie teach me how to sew. . . in all that free time that I have.
Enjoy NZFW - will be posting sometime soon on the best of the best, but until then, my lovely friend Amber and her Lizzie-equivalent Hilary are doing regular and comprehensive show postings - I'll be stealing all their photos! If you can't wait for my oh so intellectual and witty commentary, check them out
Amy xx
PS Have finally worked out how to do my own photos! Hooray for independence! xx

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