Saturday, September 25, 2010

Twenty-Seven Names: The Fearsome Five

"It was 1996, we'd just started high school and there were all these different groups of girls all over the place... We were remembering how badly we used to dress but we wanted to try to do all those clothes again." - Anjali Stewart, Twenty Seven Names

So I couldn't actually bring myself to cut these photos down anymore... how sad am I. I know I'm always talking about how I love this and that, but this is sosocool. Plus those 90s references give me the warm nostalgic fuzzies. It's like an amazing 2010 version of all the good things about all the bad clothes people used to wear. The 90s were ugly beautiful which is almost like TrashyClassy. Because it's an oxymoron. See, I learned things in high school!

Oh and I love the cape. Some of my absolute favourites are the white dress with blue print [8] (the sheer and the collar and the bow such a good combo) and that patterned velvet dress [3] (the girl looks so feral-beautiful - that's a good thing!... beautiferal? I'll stop now.) Also [4] is ridiculously cool, especially up close, so...

As seems to be the trend on el bloggo this week, backstage photos! (You'll hopefully see what I mean about beautiful girl in print velvet dress) I also really like the hair. I perhaps need to sort my own out. Photos from the Good As Gold Blog

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