Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Amy in April.


A: World Peace. Also blonde hair, except that I would look like a retard. Specifically, that perfect Ashley Olsen blonde hair.

A: (is for) Avocados. So cheap, and so yum. Avocados on toast, avocados in sandwiches, avocados straight from the skin with balsamic vinegar. . .

A: Soy Lattes from Craven 'A' on St Paul St. I've learned the hard way that if I leave the house before 7:30am, there's time for coffee, and my day begins beautifully. If I leave after 7:30am, there's not. Period.

A: Grey's Anatomy. Faithful through all 8 seasons (apart from a short adulterous period somewhere between seasons 4 and 5). Also the Secret Lives of Dancers on TV3 on Tuesdays. Brilliant.

A: Went to the ballet to see NYC, so so so good!

Living in:
A: New Jeffrey Campbell (I feel like such a sellout) Rumble boots. They ran out of my size in NZ, so of course then, because I couldn't have them, I absolutely needed them. If I had the money I would buy them in the carpet material too. . . weird but awesome.

A: Dinners with my friends, who have mostly all gone back to their respective universities (and in some case, overseas - Georgina!)

A: Textbooks. Lots of textbooks. About PR and Management and Communication. Other than that, re-reading A Year in Provence, and The Philosophy of Andy Warhol.

Struggling with:
A: The awkward freezing-in-the-morning but boiling-by-afternoon dynamic at the moment. Left the house this morning in jeans, a tee, cardigan and the world's biggest scarf. One teaspoon, 8 metres long, most fantastic purchase and going to get A LOT of wear. GMJ (SS) said it was size of 'small house'. Felt like an eskimo in a sea of underdressed beachgoers.

Traveling to:
A: Wellington this weekend!! For absolutely no reason other than to see my beautiful Wellington friends and have a nice weekend away!

Going Up:
A: Silo Park. They have a beautiful night market on a Friday, and do outdoor screenings of movies! Last week the projector broke, which was lame, but I'll be back for sure!

Going Down:
A: Having things to sew and no sewing machine. Liz, I'm looking at you sideways in a way that means 'Hey sexy, can I come over and hang out in your room and sew myself some mean clothes with your tuition? Thanks.'

Quote of the month:
A: "How are you feeling?"
     "There's probably a Taylor Swift song for that."

Amy xx

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  1. amy go live in alaska where you can use your small house !
    no but actually don't.
    SS xx