Friday, September 7, 2012


So here's a concept I think is really neat. You pay $30 a month, like a subscription, and each month Stylemint (designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) bring out a whole range of clothes - mostly t-shirts, but some pants, dresses etc. And everything costs $30. So you purchase one thing each month. I think you can save your credit etc, and you can buy more than one thing if you want to spend more. Such a good idea!! Sad thing is, it only ships to the US. My bank balance is thanking its lucky stars.

Here would be my picks. . . what would be yours?

Arden Pullover & Blossom Tank

Maxwell T & Tribeca Pant

Madison T & Venice T

Harlow Tank & Phoenix Tee

Malibu T & Gypsy Kimono

Oh dear. It seems I have an obsession with stripes. Must be all this spring weather! (not.)

It rained this morning, on my way to my first day of interning. Not ideal. I had a long way to walk, and a very small umbrella. My boots looked like they had been 'ombre'd' or tie dyed or whatever.

But it means Summer is coming!!

Amy xx

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