Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh God, The Glitter.

"There's a place I know, if you're looking for a show, where they go hard core, and there's GLITTER on the floor." - Ke$ha.

I swear, it's an addiction. Glitter, Sequins, Sparkles, I'm sold. That's what 12 years of dance concerts will do to a girl. My friends often wave their hands in despair at the things I purchase - like a pair of studded tights from supre, which I live in. Sparkles are like diamonds - not really neccessery, but they make life a whole lot more fun!

"Glitter is the Herpes of the art supplies closet." - being art students, Lizzie and I will testify this. God forbid one of us chooses to use glitter, because the rest of the art room are flicking it out of their paintings, pencil cases, hair, clothes and brushes for the next few weeks. Its infectious. And secretly (or not so secretly in my case), we love it.

Hope the rest of your weekend is full of all things sparkly.

Amy xx

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