Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Waiting On The World To Change

It's August. August means the middle of winter has gone, and the days are getting longer. It means spring and summer collections. It should mean less coats and umbrellas (it doesn't, thanks Auckland) and it means icecreams and bare feet.

I have to admit, I'm a little afraid of getting to November and plunging headfirst back into the cold and dark of an English winter. I don't deal well with winter. I mean, one can argue that the fashion is great, but i'm a barefoot kind of person. Barefoot or heels, that is. I don't ski. I surf. I swim. I sunbathe! Winter doesn't hold much appeal. The wet is average. very average. So i am pleased to note that with the onset of the summer collections, i am looking up. Lizzie has forbidden me to buy, given that I'll be spending half my summer in the cold (how did I ever let that happen?) and so it's window shopping instead. My bank account will thank me later, I hope.

Amy xx

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