Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pretty Things

Hi there, sorry this is a bit of a mess but I have discovered a bunch of appeeeeeealing things this week that I wanted to share. First off, I went down to Wellington for the weekend (I had THE best night out I've ever had on Saturday... plus there are pretty much no door charges down there, take note Auckland!) So here goes:

1 + 2. One of my friends bought this amazing kind of pale turquoisey nail polish - not sure what brand it is, but my fingers are telling me it's a brighter, greener version of Chanel Nouvelle Vague from their summer collection Les Pop-Up de Chanel (a slightly less expensive option would be Orly Gumdrop) Every time I look at my hands I feel like summer! (P.S. turquoise was announced as the colour of 2010 by Pantone so we must be onto something). Those other two shades pictured, Mistral and Riviera, have a similar effect on me. Is it sad that I'm already counting the days til Summer?

3 + 4. These super cool knitted rosary beads from La Dama - seen worn by Rumi (ooh la la), but seriously, very cute. But wait there's more, you can get them for free if you order something else from the La Dama site. Sweet deal!

5. I LOVE THIS RING. It's the 14pt Stag Ring from the ever-amazing Digby and Iona. Pretty impractical compared to the other things I need... (A pair of socks) but so beautiful.

6. Awkward Moment Cards from Design Glut - very cool site. These are perfect for the times when you manage to break every single piece of your family friend's great grandmother's dinner set, or hook up with your friend's boyfriend when you didn't actually know it was their boyfriend (not from personal experience, but I'm sure these things happen all the time).

7. Pretty Little Liars. Apart from my trip to Welly, this has been the highlight of my week. Based on the books by Sara Shepherd, it's got good-looking people, scandal, murder, lies and love stories - what more could you want in a show? My friend Sophia recommended it - I've watched up to episode ten online and now just waiting for the next addition to the series. Can't say it bears much resemblance to my junior year in high school, but I'm totally hooked, it's ridiculous.

8. Snoozer Loser New York A/W 2010-11. Just a sneak peek so far but I love all the prints and can't wait to see the rest of it!

Also, Hell's Unearthly Dessert Pizza... Why have I not had it before this weekend? We ended up eating two pizzas (dinner and dessert) between two of us on Sunday night. Omnomnom.

Until... the next time I post
Lizzie xx

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