Thursday, August 5, 2010


Just a quick note to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful best friend Lizzie.
As far as I can tell, she had a good day, with much eating out, and a few really good sounding cocktails (very classy), finished off of course with a very trashy trip to maccas and home again.

This officially marks everyone in our year being big kids (Lizzie is the youngest) and also that I am back to being only one year older than you speedy, and not two (which makes me feel very very old).

So i hope that all your birthday wishes and dreams come true, and at some point you need to teach me how to put up pictures!!!! I have about a bajillion post ideas in my head - everything from books to flowers to pajamas and tv shows and of course lots of clothes!!

All in good time i hope. Like, as in, soon.

much love and many birthday wishes! Amy xx

PS Also a very happy birthday to AnnaKateFreck who is exactly one year older than Lizzie! Hope you had a wonderful birthday =)

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