Friday, August 27, 2010


Trawling the magazine section of Borders with Lizzie yesterday made me want to buy every single september issue. Amy to Lizzie "Liz, lets just get like $200 and come and buy ALL of the September issues and this will keep us entertained for like the next few months." Problem with that is the purchasing/no money part. But the September issues have held true to form, and they all look incredible. I love that 'september' for the northern hemisphere is the precursor to winter fashion, and yet we get to look forward to summer! Also that the months have enough crossover that I can appreciate everything in the northern magazines, because it's still FREEZING and RAINING here.

Also, given that I am going to Europe for 7 weeks at the end of the year, Lizzie has forbidden me (quite rightly) from buying any summer clothes, and so I have every excuse to spend up big in the winter sales here (and then some when I go away)! Oh winter, I have such a love-hate relationship with you. Well, mostly hate. I'll give you a second chance in Europe - if you can charm me with your snow and kitschy christmasness, and show me how twentybajillion layers can look good, (and not make me sick!), I might forgive you your past misdemeanours. If not, I'm leaving you. I'll travel the world chasing summer for the rest of my life. mmmmmmMM.



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