Thursday, February 21, 2013

Burberry is in love.

Have had lots of fun recently trawling through the collections for Fall 2013. Burberry are one of my favourites, with Christopher Bailey naming his collection 'Trench Kisses.' Too cute.

I didn't love the heavy use of rubber (hence why there's not much in these images), but it was okay when used sparingly, or in my favourite colour. Loved the animal prints but couldn't stand the kitten heels! There is no shoe LESS flattering than a kitten heel. Fine on models, not okay on mere mortals. 

The metal necklines on plain back dresses were very simple/futuristic, which I liked (and it didn't hurt that Karlie and Cara were the ones wearing them!).

Favourite looks below, enjoy!

A xx

PS. Found this gem on, explaining the name of the show! 
“Trench Kisses, A Collection of Classics and Christine Keeler.” Keeler was the attractively tousled early-sixties good-time girl who helped to topple Britain’s Conservative government of the time, following the revelation of her simultaneous liaisons with a cabinet minister, a drug dealer—and a Russian spy. “I liked the idea of this very established, classic heritage world meeting a sassy, sweet, sexy, subversive world,” Bailey explained backstage.

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