Monday, March 8, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things. . .

Just a few of our favourites at the moment. Not sure where most of them came from (unfortunately).
1. We often draw over our starbucks cups, but these are just awesome.
2. Amy and Lizzie, but way cooler.
3. LOVE THIS DRESS. wish we had the guts to wear it.
4. Two of Amy's all time favourite things - marshmellows and magazines. Mmmmmm.
5. This is approximately the colour of Amy's amazing new nail polish. ($16 Revlon for those interested).
6. Love the leopard bikini and trashed clothes and pale photo.
7. Favourite photo of Abbey Lee Kershaw.
8. Lighting makes the nightlife look so bubbly. Makes me want to be there.
9. Quintessential summer. Maybe mine is sans ferris wheel though.
10. Oh to wear a dress like this. . . .
Amy and Lizzie xx

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