Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nailing it.

Crazy nail polish makes everything seem cooler and more beautiful and crazier. My current favourites are a wicked mint green, a bright purple and a browny grey odd colour that looks much cooler than it sounds. However, I stole a turquoise over the Christmas/NewYears period, and couldnt resist snapping a picture of how ridiculous it looked next to all my gypsey bracelets (one from every city I visited. . . and no doubt my time in Europe will influence my next several posts).

Hopefully Lizzie and I will be back on board now that our lives are resembling normality a little more. . . but no promises. Summer is all about last minute roadtrips and staying out all night. So if we're not posting, that's probably because we're out LIVING.

long live summer! xx

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