Sunday, June 19, 2011

Winter Holidays Top 10

Things that are making me smile at the moment, in my post-exam winter hibernation =)

1. Bright Pink Lipstick. I put it on when going out, and suffer the boys' rolling eyes because it makes anything feel more like a party!

2. Hot Starbucks, specifically the Signature Hot Chocolate. Ultimate winter accessory.

3. Kate Moss in Balmain. A reminder why effort does not necessarily equal style. Well not when you look like KM anyway.

4. One Teaspoon. Yes, still obsessed. Planning on visiting the flagship store in Sydney in a few weeks, which may curb or encourage said obsession. So excited!!

5. Happy Coincidences, like the fact that the Prison Numbers charm by Karen Walker is my birthdate. 167. Or 16/7. Was very excited when I found this out, and of course used it as an excuse to ask for the necklace for birthday. Also (i'm such a geek), noticed it's Holly Golightly's address in Breakfast at Tiffany's. And I actually noticed that, not even through googling.

6. Dancing. Have the first round of dance exams this week - am going to turn into Grumpy Amy for teaching all my classes this week. Additionally in love with topshop ballet flats. Nearly bought a pair of bright kermit-the-frog-green ones a couple of days ago, before sensibly realizing that I would never wear them.
7. Stars and Stripes. Popping up everywhere, I love the take on the flag on the black shorts below, but also on any clothing. Little bit of patriotism goes a long way, but somehow don't think NZ's stars would work quite so well. . .

8. Pictures that make me LOL. Kate Moss's photo takes on a whole new meaning post-royal wedding, and the Canon one makes me think of a couple of photographer friends I have. Could definitely imagine them thinking like that.

9. Rediscovering favorite books. Whoever said the first time is the best is crazy. The second and third and fourth time are even better, to the point where you wonder if you're skipping words on the page and almost reading parts from memory.


10. Unrealistic fashion choices. Oh how I wish I had the courage. . . Erin Wasson and Ashley Olsen.

Enjoy your weeks, good luck for exams!! xx Amy

PS sorry for strange photo layout . . I think blogger has changed something and I'm a bit useless with technology at times.

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