Friday, July 22, 2011

If I had to wear kitten heels, they would be Valentino.

. . . Except that I just found the actual heel version, which of course I love more, being five foot three and a bit.

Also I love love the superette studded chucks, but i feel like such a sellout buying them at over triple the price of normal chucks! however, dont think DIY would be as cool in this instance. . . . and my research proves me right. I like the idea of studded shoes, like I like ripped jeans and holes in tights. . . awesome in theory but potentially horrific in practice.

Lizzie once (triumphantly) handed me a pair of studded tights from none other than supre, declaring "These are hideous! They're so you!". Not sure what to make of that (and potentially offended) I tried them on, fell in love and bought them. She laughed at me every day I wore them, which was actually quite a lot.

Haven't had the balls to bring them out lately. . . maybe now that I'm in my twenties I should be too mature for frivolous and borderline-appropriate things like studded leggings. We shall see. . .

Love xx

PS my humble apologies for the lack of posting lately - both Lizzie and I were on Uni holidays, but we're back into the swing of things now (hopefully).

*If I had to wear kitten heels, I'd kill myself. - Lizzie
(Same goes for studded leggings)

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