Thursday, February 23, 2012

NYFW rant.

Mother: Amy we have to go we're running late!
Amy (browsing The Collection and Okay, I know that this is just another week for you, but you are clearly not aware that history is being made today! (dramatic emphasis for maximum effect)
Mother: huh?
Amy: It is in fact New York Fashion Week and although I'm well aware that this doesn't impact you in any way, it happens to be an enormous source of information and entertainment for me, and so I will be downstairs in five minutes when I have finished watching Calvin Klein and seeing if Occupy Wall Street are going to make any impact at all!

Quite funny. And although (truth be told) NYFW has no actual impact on my life either, I love seeing what comes up in the collections, and it spins my mind thinking how much in advance designers are! I mean technically (even though winter will be here in a couple of months), these clothes are being shown so that they can be manufactured by November. And worn in December, in the Northern hemisphere.

Now because we're down the bottom of the world and things are the wrong way round, we're supposed to be behind. But I think we're pretty good at sneaking things early, and I'm betting, like in most seasons, we'll see some crazy things pop up this winter from the recently shown collections. I'm hoping so anyway, because nothing makes me smile like some outrageous fashion.

And we all know summer might be the best season, but winter is the most fashionable. There's only so much fashion fun you can have when more than a single layer and/or closed toe shoes make you die of heat. Keep your eyes peeled ladies, I'm looking forward to getting back to uni and doing some serious people watching.

Amy xx

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