Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Firstly, apologies for all the overly personal posts lately. Although I understand and appreciate that there is a world beyond my own, I'm kind of caught up in the crazy of summer and loving just being with my amazing friends and revelling in the greatness of the kiwi summer.

This post is dedicated to my beautiful friends Georgia and Sutherland, because they inspire me every day! We have many in-jokes and token songs, but we're close because we're better people when we're together. True story. And I learn lots from them, like things about type faces (Georgia's new obsession), fashion, organization, FITNESS, nail colours, new songs and life lessons. Not knowing much myself about typefaces, I decided to avoid this completely, and
instead have compiled pictures and cool-looking (but probably totally type-incorrect) words that best represent how awesome you are.

Love xx

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