Thursday, February 10, 2011


Love her or not-so-much love her, she's an incredible designer who is helping NZ fashion become known all over the world. What she makes isn't always my cup of tea, but I adore her jewellery (I have her small gold bow earrings, the small silver skull and am getting the HALLELUJAH ring next week!) and she does wonderful things with grey marle. Which Lizzie will tell you is pretty much my favourite fabric ever. Except for the horrific sweat patches it gives you. . . anyone got a secret for avoiding those? Grey is a shocker colour to wear when it's hot.

So, back to KW. Loved the ad for the new collection on the back of VIVA yesterday, will post if i get the chance to scan it. Am excited for the purchase of maybe a new t-shirt dress??

Here's some of my loves from the collections coming out on Sat (but I haven't finished going through them).

Amy xx

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