Monday, August 15, 2011


With a multi-squillion dollar fitness industry and articles in every magazine you pick up on how to get/stay skinny/fit/toned, I figured it appropriate to have a rant about this, to clarify my opinionated and completely-not-backed-up-with-research-but-experienced thoughts.

Some people are gym people, some people are not gym people. If you're not a gym person, don't join! If you are a gym person, decide whether you are a classes person. If you are a classes person, don't join a gym that has crap classes!! Logical, see?

I am very much a classes person. So much so, that I will only go to the gym if I'm going to a class. Moreover, If there are two classes I like scheduled back to back, even more of a win! Les Mills is the best gym for classes - BodyJam (dance), BodyAttack (killer cardio), Circuit and Yoga are my personal faves, but I'll do just about anything. Boxing is next on my list of things to conquer. . .

Additionally, I am in love with the feeling of sheer superiority at accomplishing a workout before most people get out of bed. My friend Georgia and I (Georgia is training for the Auckland Marathon), do a killer boot camp on Tuesday mornings (6-7am!). It's pretty awesome. You can't walk properly for the rest of the day due to running approx 2000 stairs per session, but it's soworth it.

On that note, Georgia is running her marathon in support of the Heart Foundation. It's an incredible cause, and you should donate some money to motivate her =) - she would love even a few dollars!

And I am running my second Half Marathon, hoping to get in under two hours. My last one I was injured, so fingers crossed for this one.

Also, running is fantastical due to the fact that you can do it anywhere. It's one of the best ways to see a city. I was in Sydney a few weeks ago, and ran through the massive park (apologies for forgetting the name), and along past the Sydney Opera House. It was BEAUTIFUL. Plus if you're using valuable luggage space to pack shoes, you're going to be very motivated to work out!

I am also prone to whipping out my phone on any old average run. I guess I just like thebreather, but also trying to 'take time to smell the roses' and all that. Here are a few of my recent favorites. . .

Amy xx

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  1. Amy! Hi its olivia! Georgia showed me your blog :) so I followed, great stuff!!