Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sass & Bide Spring 2012

I always feel like I sound like an idiot doing these commentaries, but I'm just giving our miiiillions of followers what they want.

Amanda Hendrick kind of terrifies me. Actually the first few looks kind of terrified me too. I spent the day hermitting it in my room, so when I opened the images I was like toooo muuuuch bright! Kinda should have expected that from Sass & Bide though. Silliness aside, I quite loved looking through this. It's always fun looking at their collections. They've worked their aesthetic into a more minimal look but there's still a whole lot going on.

I think with designers like Sass & Bide, things tend to look better on the rack than runway, cause the garments look a lot more wearable as separates. Not pointing fingers or anything, but I'm talking mostly about that blue sequin outfit.

Tangent: For some people, wearing heaps of bright, patterned, outrageous things at a time makes them look cool and eclectic etc. It definitely doesn't work for me/most people though so I'm still a big believer in pairing one statement piece with cool basics. Normally just the basics though, cause I'm broke and clothes shy haha.

I remember the first Vogue I ever got (October 2003) was an Australian fashion special, and it was like "up and coming designers Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton". They've come a long way in that time and they're always bringing out something unique and interesting. Also their Ponsonby store is probably one of our favourite places, always so many exciting things! Go if you haven't.

Okay bye. I kind of hope you just looked at the pictures.

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