Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer 2011-2012

It is definitely early enough for summer wardrobe planning.

Purchased in Sydney the most incredible One Teaspoon cream knit (right hand side) that I have been wanting for ages. . . it was half price! Stoked with that.

Clearly am a little obsessed with trying to work out what chucks to purchase. . .TOO MANY OPTIONS!!! And no, sadly not enough money to buy more than one at the moment. Especially not with the heinously large amount of money I spent in Sydney! But a trip well worth the spending =)

Have already got the cute navy high waisted shorts in the bottom left hand corner, which are so cool, and (in the middle) a bargain ethnic as maxi-skirt from the Glebe markets in Sydney. So cool! Hopefully will get a lot of wear out of it. . although probably more at the beach than in the city haha.

Going to make myself a le sac dress from American Apparel, and going to get Lizzie to make me the navy skater dress which is real cool. Undecided on color for le sac though. . . we'll see after a trip to Nick's Fabrics.

Got my aviators from ASOS in the mail (thanks lil bro!) because my last ($4) pair broke! Was the saddest thing. But now I have new ones!

Espadrilles of course, partly because I have never owned any and partly because they seem like if you buy them low enough they would be totally uni-appropriate. And let's face it, there's not a whole lot of point buying heaps of clothes that you can't wear 5 days out of 7.

Khaki tee + Orange tee + was inspired by the Glebe markets to get a sequinned tee - they had really original ones. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any interesting ones, I'm a sucker for sparkle.
Lastly, a white lace/beaded top to wear over said skater dress (and over most of my singlets), and a breton tee, because it's summer and I don't have one and it would be ideal with the high waisted One Teaspoon Hawks (bottom left).

And then of course, my mythical Marc by Marc Jacobs dress (shown here in the playsuit) - didn't buy it in July because didn't have the money, and it's now sold out EVERYWHERE. Nearly bought it from dodgy as reseller online before realizing that 'Stacy from America' probably shouldn't have a bank account in China with an unpronouncible name on it. But it's on the wishlist anyway in case any of you generous souls happens to have one lying around that you'd like to pass on. Or I'll just end up making it.

Hope your days are getting more and more sunny, and don't get burnt!

Amy xx

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