Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sorry I Suck @ Blogging

I've been very busy lately with doing gross uni stuff and working every chance I can get (mostly to avoid uni stuff) so that after exams I can go on a  huge shopping spree (most likely at the supermarket, not Superette)
Anyway, here are a few things I kind of like at the moment. I really want the pants and boots, so naiice..

1. Philosykos EDT 100ml by Diptique  
2. Blooming Playsuit by RUBY  
(from Ruby's midseason mini collection, Magic Hour)
3. Acrylic Watch Hat by Carhartt  
4. ZK Loose Fit Tee by Zoe Karssen  
5. Bobby Dazzler by Butter London  
6. Octopus Ring by Nick Von K  
7. Alpine Pant by Huffer  
8. Daisy Ring by Eyes of Common  
9. Viktoria Short Boots by Gothenburg Boots

PS I'm actually using this big font because I think I'm going blind and can't see my screen very well. Maybe glasses should be on my wishlist.


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