Saturday, March 12, 2011


I am opposed to most things hipster. I hate people who like something, and then dislike it just because everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. Oh woe you, you're not 'special' anymore. If you really like something, you'll like it before, during, and after everyone else likes it. I find that hipsters revel in their 'uniqueness' - how they can be just like every other hipster.

Apologies. Ranting.

So with a little disdain (as you can see I am cautious of anything even mildly 'alternative' - I am predictable and consumeristic all the way), I picked up Frankie magazine. I swept my eyes past all of my favourites (FQ, Bazaar, Vogue, Remix, Russh) and paid my $9.99 for Frankie, as my reading material on the plane to Palmey North.

And oh, what a treat. I LOVE this magazine. Firstly (Lizzie agrees) the matte pages are a welcome alternative, and the minimal advertising is heavenly. The layouts I find wonderfully easy to read, the photographs are unusual enough to keep me in awe, and the commentary and writing are witty and entertaining.

Favourite part is definitely 'frank bits' near the front - 8 pages of beautiful bits and pieces, a mishmash of clothes and jewellery and music and all things fun.

So, basically it's worth the read. I recommend =)

Amy xx

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