Wednesday, March 2, 2011

kikki k.

It's like osmosis. Like how some people feel that if they have awesome sports gear, they will exercise more, and even if they don't, just having awesome sports gear will make them get fit and skinny.

Well this is my relationship with kikki k. If i splurge on beautiful, clean, MATCHING stationary, I will clearly become more organized and smarter and more creative. Although, there is some truth to this. I will plan better, because I have a cool wall planner. I will write more often, with my matching pens. I will study more, because all my notes will be in my lovely book. I will make notes for my friends and my wall, with my strange but fantastic stamps. Really, I will just be a happy person because I have beautiful stationary, and as Lizzie will atest to (being a fellow art student), beautiful stationary is one of those incredibly necessary luxuries in life.

I have recently acquired most of the above, with the exception of the envelope necklace (my sister has the scissors), the greeting stamps and the monthly planner. Couldn't find a picture of their BRILLIANT wall planner!
Amy xx

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