Saturday, August 11, 2012

En ce moment.

Bits and pieces I particularly appreciate at the moment, in no particular order. 

The Beckhams - Victoria for helping to edit the September issue of Glamour (this I am so interested to read), and for not bailing on the Spice Girls at the closing ceremony! David for being generally gorgeous, and British. And gorgeous.

Coolest window display ever, in Melbourne.

Just white and minimalist things in general - but particularly pining for summer clothes, summer foods and nice weather! I do not usually cycle, but this bike might change that.
Palm trees and stupidly colorful photos.
Peonies (I know, how original), thank you notes, macarons and collages!! Sadly my photoshop skills suck and so collages are a near impossibility.

Vanity Fair spreads, and sisters. Mostly my sister actually. She's pretty cool. I intend to post this spread in full at some point.

As usual, lusting after all things sunny and stunning.

Edna Modes. Best animated character ever.
Audrey Hepburn - have just watched funny face for the first time (although above pic is from Breakfast at Tiffany's), and love it! Below is the book of graphics from Vahram Muratyan, which I posted excerpts from here.

Suits. Only show I bother to watch on American time, most kickass girls ever.
Two upcoming LabelLoves: Lululemon and Comme des Garcons. I could not agree more with the statement on the left.

People always ask who the ultimate dinner party guests would be - I can never decide, but these three always cross my mind.
 Loving black as a statement, not a default - though I feel blondes can carry off all-black better than brunettes, something to do with not looking like a goth? On the hair note, would love to have the guts to dye my hair some crazy pastel color, but 1) I don't, and 2), I still wouldn't look like that^^.
Wordswordswords. Best word blog is other-worldly. It's a tumblr, go have a looksie. Can guarantee you'll find some word you think is really cool.

Hope your week is bright and shiny, Amy xx

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