Tuesday, August 7, 2012

LabelLove: Moochi

Currently in a state of mad love for the New Zealand label Moochi, headed up by Kellie Taylor, which has been around Auckland (on high street) since 2000.

Their basics are to die for, albeit very expensive for someone on a student budget. However, I have purchased their 'Breathe it all in' singlet and their 'Y pants' which are merino, and to die for, even though they were an irrational purchase post-last-exam in June. If I had a whole lot of money to invest in clothes, Moochi would be my first stop. 

Spring 2012

Spring 2012

Studio Dress, $269 and various pieces from AW12.
Studio dress in gold (very nearly my 21st dress!), Slide sweater and Dazzle dress.

Raw tee, $150

Jessie Dress (left) and Dusk dress (right)

Badass moldboards from AW12

With their awesome moodboards, they're an easy label to love. Check them out.

Amy xx

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