Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LabelLove: Lululemon

This is a little bit of a fraud of a post, given that so far all the lululemon I own is a couple of headbands, but if someone bestowed on me a large amount of money, I would be hitting up this amazing store for sure. My darling mother has been in a few times, and vouches for the incredible variety of stuff on offer.

It's been clear to me for a while now that Nike is in danger of being relegated to the mainstream, no longer the elite second skin of all skinny, stunning Les Mills attendees. The little omega shaped logo of lululemon has been popping up on all kind of butts, boobs and bags. I didn't even know who this new player was until quite recently, when Georgia and I ran past the store on Ponsonby road, and she cries 'There, there! That's the brand all the Les Mills barbies are wearing!' Really, it was that dramatic.

Their gear looks a little bit more fun than the Nike or Adidas stuff, more interesting and fashion-ey. (Although their sports bras don't look like they have a patch on the amazing Nike ones). I also like that they have lower cut running tops, not because I like running with my boobs out (I don't, I strap them down in aforementioned Nike running bras), but because high necked stuff makes me look like a stumpy dwarf. True story.

After having a quiet peruse of the website, I like their branding and their ads, and so am looking forward to letting you know how my actual store visit goes, if these assignments don't kill me first. . . . 

See what I mean about the sports bras looking less than supportive? 
Needing a running jacket in this weather!
Everyone's favourite color.
I don't even know if I could bear to wear this only to the gym!
Fluoro, nice. Do the legs come with purchase?
Cute pic from the website - good principles to live by haha.
I need this when I bail on Saturday morning yoga.
Hell yeah! From their website.
From Muffin top to Mountain top!
Have posted before - am posting again because it is doubly true.

Amy xx 

P.S. Congratulations to Lizzie for her early hand in last week!! Go time management!

P.P.S. Sorry that I'm not all flash like Liz with my details of what each garment is and price and where you can purchase it. I trust that you know how to google.

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