Tuesday, June 26, 2012

& it was all yellow.

Cheeky coldplay reference there, in honor of upcoming concert that I am extremely excited about.

Yellow not normally my favorite color. Yellow in fact barely present in my wardrobe at all, save for a few garish t-shirts purchased to support my house at school (yellow and green = worst house color combination ever). But there's one yellow that I absolutely adore, and that's yellow gold.

(Necklaces Aurelie Bidermann, Dreamweaver ring from d_luxe, blue stone ring YSL, camellia ring Chanel, skull ring and make a wish necklace from VanRycke (favorite jewelry designer ever), top left scale cuff by Sophia Kokosalaki and bottom right cuff by Zadig & Voltaire).

It always bewildered me as a kid that women wore yellow gold - blatantly it didn't go with anything, because it was yellow, and why didn't everyone wear silver? Why didn't gold come in other colors, like blue or purple or red? Why yellow?

And while I still can't answer these questions, I have become very attached to yellow gold.
Sadly I am not able to wear as much of it as I would like because HAVE YOU SEEN the prices of gold these days??

I have the KW bow earrings in gold, which I never take off. Not to shower, not to swim, not to sleep. I also have a gold bangle that I stole from my mother for a ball in 7th form, and never returned. Like the earrings, it rarely leaves my wrist (unless I'm bored in a lecture and I start swinging it around my fingers. I swear, one day I'm going to fling it at some poor unsuspecting lecturer.)

All that aside, on my pinterest and tumblr travels I seem drawn to all things yellow gold, so here is a selection for your browsing pleasure.

PS. I've finished exams!!!

From top to bottom: Cartier LOVE bracelets, Kourtney Kardashian wearing her two. She got one for her 21st and one from her mother when she joined the 'mom club.' Too cute. 
Various gold pinterest photos, stunning Marc Jacobs watches and colour link bracelet. 
Chain necklaces and bracelet from mooch, charm bracelet YSL. 
Cuff is Pamela Love and the bottom two necklaces are from my all time favorite jeweler, Lyie Van Rycke.

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