Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To bang or not to bang.

Yeah that caught your attention didn't it.

Sadly we're not here to talk about sex, baby (or talk about you and me?), it's more along the lines of my hair. Humble apologies.

Side note: It struck me the other day how difficult it is to explain the concept of a 'fringe' to Americans, who (as seen in title) call it (them) bangs.

English: fringe, (n), singular. American: bangs, (n), plural.

"You know, like the hair in front of your face when you cut it real short, so it like sits above your eyes and covers your forehead. No no not like how guys hair is, like you can have it with long hair. . blah blah blah." Tough stuff.

Recently several of my friends have jumped on the bangs bandwagon, and they look mighty pretty. (like the windy city). (Reference to Angus & Julia, SS, and recent trip to Wellington).

But with my hair finally recovered from the trauma of taking 11 inches off in the beginning of seventh form (I donated it to Pantene Great Lengths to make a wig for cancer patients), I am so proud of my efforts to NOT cut, that to hack into the front section seems slightly criminal.

And I really want to. Two of my best friends just took the chop, and they both look fantastical.
But I can't part with my painstakingly grown inches. So bangs seem like a compromise. A better compromise than a fake fringe I came across the other day. . . while it's a really good idea I don't think I could get over the fear of it coming out of place or falling off my face.

(From top to bottom, Emma Stone, Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschanel, Leighton Meester, Alexa Chung and Rumi Neely.)

Amy xx

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