Thursday, July 29, 2010

365 Days of Shoes: The Top Seven

Black and gold wedges I love but would never wear. Just cool wedges.
Pink and cork I think are awesome and totally horrible - but who would ever have thought of putting satin on the bottom and cork on the top?
Both yellow pairs I would probably buy just to wear once and have in my wardrobe - too scared to ever put them back on.
The orange ones and the grey ones are cool, might actually wear those. I think I have a thing for animal skin?
And the purple sparkly pair. But of course. And i would wear them.

My question is - why can i not wear high heels every day?
I'll suck it up and deal with the pain, because they bring me so much joy. . . but the looks of disdain are so unfair and so off putting! I want to live somewhere, someday, where these are the kinds of beautiful things that adorn my feet EVERY DAY.

That is all.

Amy xx

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