Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Lustlists are completely pointless. Wishlists are great. Often I make and email Lizzie wishlists, with things from topshop or American apparel or asos and things I haven’t found yet. Lustlists on the other hand, are for my wildest imagination, in the future world where I have as much money as I like. This one is somewhere in the middle.

Ps is the most productive timewaster there is.

1. Deadly Ponies Bag. Not this one (old season), but I ‘need’ a good black bag. My old one fell apart =(

2. Leopard print S&B jeans. Worn with black top, black shoes, black cardi. Seriously awesome animal print. Not to mention S&B jeans are so quality.

3. Beige repetto flats. Appeals to the dancer in me, and I want to compare with my trusty Country Road flats.

4. Stella McCartney dress. Definitely in the ‘lust’ category. I fell in love with this dress and its crepeyness and the ruffles and in short if I could do 7th form over again I would have this dress made and wear it to my ball. Maybe in a slightly more demure colour – navy? The style would look INCREDIBLE in any color.

5. Burberry Prorsum heels. A little old, but I’ve finally come around and am now lusting after the totally impractical height, coupled with the very practical colour.

6. The majority of the RVCA Erin Wasson Range (though it’s not usually my style). LOVE the shoot and it has me wanting summer. . .

7. New Nobody denim jeans. I stumbled across this Australian brand, and I live in my high waisted skinny dark pair. Only problem? They have a hole in a very inappropriate place, and the colour has faded. . . investment time!

8. KW dress. I like it. Its navy. It has ruffled and sleeves (a little obsessed with t-shirt dresses at the moment).

9. S&B tees. Often with glitter or French sayings. I loved their ones a few years ago with “Je sors avec le bassiste.” Always handy to have.

10. Fur vest. IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND IN AUCKLAND! I have looked everywhere. No joy. I am near ready to give up, but there are so many instances where I look in the mirror and am all ‘this outfit would be so complete with a fur vest.’ Someone help me here.

11. Stolen Girlfriends Knit Shorts. Totally would never wear them, but I like to think I would try. Need the legs of an undernourished teenage model. I can dream?

12. The elusive perfect white t-shirt. Been through three cheapies and all have pilled, deshaped or torn. Can’t get up the nerve to invest in a quality one (it seems so stupid to spend so much on a piece of white cotton), but the way I’m going its probably going to be cheaper than buying five more cheapies.

13. Beau Coops heels. Fell in love when they were $470. They are now $300. I am saving. Also I have realized their impractability. Lizzie talks me out of buying them every day. I may cave soon. . . any cheaper and they’re practically handing them to me!

14. New sunglasses! Mine are so scratched that I see better without them – not ideal. I love these two – Kate Spade up top and Tom Ford underneath. Totally impractical as my sunglasses last about five minutes in my handbag/fishbowl (where I keep everything random)/car/floor. Need some round, medium sized, brown cheapies. Also horribly elusive.

15. Pink Blazer. See #10 fur vest. NOWHERE I tell you. Breaks my heart.

Amy xx

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