Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And This Is Me.

Since Amy put in her two cents, I figured I would try and put three in. Well, not really, because we are not competitive. Except for when we both think we have something important to say. Usually it turns out neither of us does, but we still appreciate the sentiment all the same. So I'm actually very nervous about this because what does one normally put in their first post on a new blog? I'm going to go with pretty pictures. My life pretty much consists of coffee, art appreciation and procrastination. With a hint of fashion here and there when I'm rushing to do last minute assignments. Anyway. As a result of studying fashion, I have lost the majority my english language skills, and am now attempting to resort to some form of visual vocabulary (actually i just love these photos).

I love Ruby Aldridge. Or I love how she photographs. So beautiful. She and Martha Hunt make a great pair to shoot. Amy has never heard of her. We both agree however that this photoshoot is awesome - a throwback to the 60s, all shift dresses and big hair and come hither eyelashes. And you know Amy and I are all about those. It's by japanese photographer Seiji Fujimori for Ponytail Magazine.

Oh and my new favourite magazine is noi.se. I picked one up for the first time the other day and although at times it seems like it's trying a little too hard, it is mostly just insanely awesome and full of inspiration, with plenty of beauty pages and photos. So yes if anyone's reading this, buy me a noi.se magazine for my birthday. Thank you.

Get ready to hear or see a whole lot more from me!

Lizzie xx

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